Snowflake vs. Databricks – Who has the Edge?

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With billions of dollars at stake, a growing number of key players, and a heated rivalry between industry leaders Databricks and Snowflake, the cloud data warehouse space is one of the buzziest areas in technology today. 

Fivetran recently unveiled the results of a new data warehouse benchmark report that revealed just how close the competition is among five of the most popular data warehouses. The report is the passion project of Fivetran CEO and data management expert George Fraser, who has a front row seat in the cloud data warehouse race.

The report explains the cost vs. performance tradeoffs of each one of the warehouses, the ins and outs of the modern data stack, and provides a perspective on how it’s all going to shake out.

    You may access the “Cloud Data Warehouse Benchmark” report HERE.  

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    1. Didn’t see the reference to Duckdb in the report. Where was it mentioned?