Acceldata and its Data Observability Platform – Solving Big Data Management Challenges

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In this video interview with Ashwin Rajeeva, co-founder and CTO of Acceldata, we talk about the company’s data observability platform – what “data observability” is all about and why it’s critically important in big data analytics and machine learning development environments.

Rajeeva sets the stage by explaining the data management challenges that organizations face today as they struggle to manage legacy data along with new and growing datasets. He then discusses how Acceldata enables customers to take on these problems more effectively and efficiently.

He also discusses the challenges of hiring and retaining more data scientists – which is the typical response to expanding data reliability issues – and how Acceldata helps by automating many aspects of the process.

Rajeeva previews Acceldata’s product integrations in support of both on-premises and public cloud solutions, and he looks at recent and upcoming features Acceldata will be adding to its product set.

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