Chat GPT-3 Statistics: Is the Future Already Here?

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Our friends over at Tidio just released a new study on ChatGPT and what society thinks of it, supported by a number of compelling visuals. Here are a few fascinating results: 

  • A whopping 70% of respondents believe that ChatGPT will eventually take over Google as a primary search engine.
  • More than 86% believe that ChatGPT could be used to manipulate and control the population.
  • Almost 13% would engage in flirting or dirty talk with ChatGPT.
  • As many as 63% of respondents state that businesses should be able to advertise their products on ChatGPT as they do on Google Search.
  • 60% want ChatGPT to be allowed to give medical advice.

The study includes a variety of additional interesting data, as well as a selection of cool use cases of ChatGPT with prompt examples.

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