3 Key AI Predictions for The Near Future + How to Use AI to Transform Your Business

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The adoption of AI solutions has skyrocketed over the past five years. According to McKinsey, the AI adoption rate in business reached 50% in August 2022, demonstrating a 2.5x growth over five years. And this is no surprise. Brands are launching new solutions daily. So, it’s easy to see how businesses are discovering novel ways to incorporate artificial intelligence in their day-to-day activities.

But what does the future bring for AI solutions? And can small and mid-size companies implement these products to advance their businesses? This article will explore three key AI predictions for the near future, along with a few suggestions on how to use AI to transform your business.

#1: Content Creation (& Marketing in General) Will Never Be the Same

Less than two months after the release of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, 89% of students were using the platform for completing homework assignments, at-home tests, and essay writing. And while educators were struggling to come to terms with the fact that teaching and grading systems would have to change forever, business owners saw the immense potential of AI in helping them boost reach, sales, and productivity with just a few well-worded prompts.

So, if you’re trying to identify the one business activity where AI can help you achieve next-level results, it has got to be content creation.

With solutions like Notion AI, Lex, Adobe Firefly, and specific tools like Canva’s Magic Eraser, SMBs will finally get the opportunity to achieve the same content output as their competitors — without hiring in-house content creators. This will obviously ensure significant cost-saving — after all, some of these solutions are available for free or as little as $10/month. More importantly, they’ll speed up the content production process, allowing SMB leaders to spend their time on other business-growing activities like building partner relationships or improving customer care.

If you do decide to implement any of these solutions, you have to remember that Google will penalize poor-quality or repetitive content (whether it’s made by humans or AI). So you can’t count on the content creation process suddenly becoming a set-it-and-forget-it type of operation. However, AI will give you access to highly-usable, resource-saving articles, images, and videos that require minimal input to get them up to your brand’s (and Google’s) standards.

#2 Business Productivity Will Skyrocket

The second most impactful way AI will transform businesses in the near future is finally allowing business owners and employees to reclaim lost time and significantly improve productivity.

Right now, there’s an increasing availability of apps that promise to boost team communication and customer care. So, it’s easy to see how positive of an impact AI could have on your efficiency and outgoing costs. 

For instance, an app like Grain could help you record team meetings or customer support calls and transform conversations into notes, records, and insights with just a few clicks. Or, a solution like Tidio could help you build a chatbot that uses AI to automate customer questions, freeing up precious time to focus on inquiries that genuinely require your focus.

Moreover, if you’re willing to hire a reliable AI developer, you could gain access to custom-made solutions that can help you enhance core business operations. These can include fraud detection, inventory management, or equipment maintenance. And if you complete the implementation process right, you’ll ensure that you never run into surprises and keep your business operating smoothly and with minimal input from you.

#3 Leaders Will Use AI to Make Better Business Decisions

Lastly, as we explore the immediate future of AI, let’s not forget that its benefits aren’t just about productivity, efficiency, and savings. Artificial intelligence also has the potential to empower business leaders to make better, future-proof decisions rooted in data.

One excellent example of how you can use AI to transform your business is that it can allow you to collect customer data from multiple sources. And, sure, this might seem invasive. However, when used reasonably, it could help you identify opportunities to improve your customers’ experience. Or it could allow you to pinpoint areas where you can adjust your spending to reclaim some of your lost budget.

Alternatively, solutions like Browse AI can help you monitor specific websites. This is an excellent way to keep tabs on your competitors, industry trends, or relevant news sources, all with the objective of making better business decisions.

In Closing

There you have it, three of the key AI predictions you need to be aware of for 2023. 

Whether artificial intelligence is already something that your business is using or if you’re still trying to come to terms with it, remember that AI doesn’t have to be complicated or intimidating. 

Its applications are super-wide. More importantly, it has the potential to help you grow your business while keeping your costs in check and allowing your team to focus their energy on high-value tasks that matter. So what more could you ask for?

About the Author

Natasha Lane is a lady of a keyboard with a rich history of working in the IT and digital marketing fields. She is always happy to collaborate with awesome blogs and share her knowledge all around the web. Besides content creating, Natasha is nowadays quite passionate about helping small business to grow strong.

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