58% of Americans Interested in Training AI Models, Survey Finds

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Mindrift, a new data generation platform and community for subject matter experts across industries to create high quality datasets for safe, accurate, and responsible AI development, is celebrating its launch by releasing an “AI and the Workforce” report, which surveyed over 1,000 Americans.

With reports that all high-quality data will be exhausted by 2026, human-generated data is crucial to AI’s longevity. That said, the survey revealed a mixed bag of results that indicates there’s a delicate balance to be struck in terms of the intersection of human involvement and AI. 

Mindrift’s research comes out on the heels of Microsoft and LinkedIn’s report which found 66% of leaders wouldn’t hire someone without AI skills. As AI skills become a requirement, training Large Language Models can provide employees with the experience needed to become AI-equipped. 

Some key insights include: 

  • AI’s not all bad: 63% of individuals surveyed are optimistic about AI’s ability to create more jobs, and the percentage is even higher (95%!) among those actively participating in training AI models 
  • There is a lack of understanding in how AI models are trained: : Only 14% of respondents know exactly how AI models are trained, and less than half have basic understanding, indicating a need for education to achieve more widespread acceptance  
  • People want to throw their hat in the ring: More than half (58%) of respondents expressed interest in training AI models, signaling an openness towards the technology, but need for more dialogue around it 

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