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Harnessing the Capabilities of Gen AI for Unprecedented Impact and Effortless Integration

In this contributed article, Ajay Kumar, CEO at SLK Software, discusses how generative AI provides unprecedented impact and effortless integration for the banking, insurance, and manufacturing industries. Ajay elaborates on why you need an adoption framework to successfully implement generative AI, how different categories of generative AI fit into an enterprise adoption framework, and navigating stakeholder challenges of adopting generative AI

Using Artificial Intelligence Tools to Run Proactive “Health Check” Investigations

In this contributed article David Carns, Chief Revenue Officer of Casepoint, discusses how businesses can use AI to run “health check” investigations preemptively. If your organization is already using an eDiscovery platform with built-in AI tools, it might make sense to explore how you can use those tools for broader data management, information governance, and risk mitigation purposes.

Interview: Kathy Baxter, Architect of Ethical AI Practice at Salesforce

I recently caught up with Kathy Baxter, one of the elite AI ethicists in the world and Salesforce’s Principal Architect of Ethical AI, to discuss the good, the bad and the ugly of ethical data collection. Kathy comments on the current issues and challenges that enterprises are facing when it comes to data collection and why getting it wrong will prove catastrophic.

Top Five Data Privacy Issues that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Startups Need to Know

In this special guest feature, Joseph E. Mutschelknaus, a director in Sterne Kessler’s Electronics Practice Group, addresses some of the top data privacy compliance issues that startups dealing with AI and ML applications face. lligence (AI) startups, data is king. Data is the key differentiator from competitors, and data is the fuel on which applications run. Yet, it is also subject an increasing array of regulations.

Overcoming Data Overload with Data Fabric 

In this contributed article, Pradeep Menon, EVP, Digital Transformation Services Delivery, at Orion Innovation, discusses how reducing repetitive tasks in data discovery, analysis, and implementation is challenging. Organizations today are not only looking to reduce those repetitive tasks but also incorporate augmented data management solutions to drive revenue. The key to success is understanding the importance of incorporating data fabric as part of an overall data strategy that delivers real-time, secure, and connected data across the organization to support modern applications, insights, and analytics.

From Oil to Asset: The CDO’s Role in Refining Real Estate Data 

Data is the new oil. As the world adapts to the new normal, data has become a real estate firm’s most valuable asset. Data can be viewed as a rich resource like oil, but it requires a CDO to refine it and produce assets. CDOs are tasked with leading efforts to monetize this data, and in real estate, data is the backbone of advanced technologies such as AI and machine learning. Yao Morin, Chief Data Officer of JLL Technologies, will delve into key points on unlocking the power of data.

New Research Shows Data Culture Will Dominate in 2023

Tamr, Inc., a leading cloud-native data mastering solution, announced the findings of its research of over 500 data leaders on their enterprise data initiatives for 2023. Over 90% of participants said their organizations have data initiatives planned for 2023. Yet more than half said they still face challenges as they strive to realize business value from their company data.

What Does It Mean to be Data Intentional?

In this contributed article, Kevin Harbauer, Chief Technology Officer at Ephesoft, discusses becoming data intentional, sets the stage for why this concept is important and offers four strategies to achieve it. The success of your data intentionality strategy hinges on the effectiveness of your data capture capabilities. Without access to accurate, timely and actionable data, your organization’s plans will fall well short of expectations. Are you ready to become data intentional? 

Achieving Data and Legal Compliance in the Event Industry

In this contributed article, Devin Clearly, VP of Global Events at Bizzabo, discusses how to balance the benefits and risks in the new era of event data and best practices for ensuring data security, privacy and compliance. Data security and legal compliance must be top of mind for today’s event industry organizers. Data is currency in the digital age.

In the Roaring 2020s, Data Will Be Your Most Vital Asset

In this contributed article, Dimitri Sirota, CEO and co-founder of BigID, explains why contextual insight and automation is key to understanding data and why so many organizations need to re-think their understanding of effective data management to capitalize on the upcoming boom.