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Flatfile Acquires AI Start-up Chatcsv Inc., Further Expanding Leadership in AI-assisted Data Exchange

Flatfile, a pioneer of AI-assisted data exchange, announced the acquisition of AI start-up Chatcsv Inc. With breakout growth in just a few months since its release, ChatCSV already has thousands of users. From global enterprises such as Procter & Gamble and McKinsey to technology companies such as Zapier, Quora and Vimeo, companies rely on ChatCSV for quick, contextual insight into CSV files and spreadsheets.

Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2020: Transform Enterprise, Cloud, HPC & Artificial Intelligence with Faster Parallel Code

In this article we’ll drill down into the capabilities of Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2020, the latest release of a comprehensive, parallel programming tool suite that simplifies the creation and modernization of code. Using this newest release, software developers and architects can speed AI inferencing with support for Intel® Deep Learning Boost and Vector Neural Network Instructions (VNNI), designed to accelerate inner convolutional neural network (CNN) loops.

The Parallel Universe of Dark Data and Dark Matter

In this contributed article, David Gingell, Chief Marketing Officer for Seal Software, takes a look at how all of the hype around dark data and AI-driven dark-analytics is missing the first crucial step, which is to identify what is real and what is useful, and for what application. While it may sound exciting, using AI to automatically process vast amounts of data in ultra-fast operations is not going to provide much insight.

File Storage Faces a Perfect Storm, But There’s a Way Out

In this special guest feature, Peter Godman, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at universal-scale file storage company Qumulo, discusses the situation where a combination of conditions have come together to form a perfect storm of storage disruption that existing large-scale file systems will find hard to weather.

Parallel File System Delivers Better Strategies, Faster

A parallel file system offers several advantages over a single direct attached file system. By using fast, scalable, external disk systems with massively parallel access to data, researchers can perform analysis against much larger datasets than they can by batching large datasets through memory. To Learn More about the Parallel File Systems download this guide

Retail Gains with Distributed Systems

This article is the fourth in an editorial series with a goal of directing line of business leaders in conjunction with enterprise technologists with a focus on opportunities for retailers and how Dell can help them get started. The guide also will serve as a resource for retailers that are farther along the big data path and have more advanced technology requirements.

A Look at Distributed Filesystems: Fraunhofer vs Gluster

Harry Mangalam from the University of California at Irvine has posted a detailed comparison of the Fraunhofer and Gluster distributed filesystems. Distributed filesystems are those where the files are distributed in whole or in part on different block devices, with direct interaction with client computers to allow IO scaling proportional to the number of servers. […]

Interview: As Registration Opens for ISC'13, Conference Sets a Parallel Course for the Future

  Registration opened today for ISC’13. The International Supecomputing Conference takes place in Leipzig, Germany June 16-20. Besides a change of venue, the conference agenda has added parallel sessions, new topics, and a two-day industry track. To learn more, I caught up with Martin Meuer, Executive Director of ISC Events. insideHPC: ISC’13 will be the […]

Henry Newman on File System Interface Futures

Over at Enterprise Storage Forum, Henry Newman looks at the future of file systems and examines whether REST will overtake POSIX as an interface of choice for all applications. We do not have a lot of POSIX file systems that scale today to 10s of PB and billions of files. There are three file systems […]

A Contrast of Paradigms – HPCC Systems & Hadoop

Flavio Villanustre writes about the differences between two powerful open source Big Data platforms: HPCC and Hadoop. HPCC and Hadoop are both open source projects released under an Apache 2.0 license, and are free to use, with both leveraging commodity hardware and local storage interconnected through IP networks, allowing for parallel data processing and/or querying […]