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GPUs Power Big Data for Frock Finding

In this special guest feature, Dan Olds from Gabriel Consulting writes that a demo at this week’s GPU technology conference showed how Big Data powered by accelerated computing could change the face of retail. NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang’s GTC 2013 keynote was a typical whirlwind tour (with real wind, but that’s a different article) through […]

Big Data for Big Careers – P&G Quads Down on Analytics Expertise

By Dan Olds of Gabriel Consulting Procter & Gamble is going to quadruple the company’s staff of business analytics experts in the near future. This is despite the fact that the company is reducing spending in other categories, including significant non-manufacturing layoffs and a hefty 30% cut (equaling $1 billion) in annual IT spending. So […]

HP Hornswoggled? Will Autonomy Purchase Pay Off?

by Dan Olds of Gabriel Consulting Group When HP announced its purchase of UK analytics firm Automony for $10.4 billion back in September 2011, it shocked HP shareholders and caused many industry insiders to comment that HP was paying way too much for the company. At the time, Autonomy was a 15-year-old analytics firm that […]

Big Data & Doctors: Analytics-led Medicine is Coming

By Dan Olds * Get more from this author One of the areas where “Big Data” will have the most impact is in health care. Applying analytics to medical research and treatment will extend human lives and improve the quality of life for, well, pretty much everyone. Recently, health insurer WellPoint announced that it will be […]

Rooting out Rogues – The Role of Analytics

By Dan Olds * Get more from this author The big business news this week is how a junior trader making unauthorized transactions cost banking giant UBS at least $2.3 billion in losses. The loss tally is still mounting as the bank works to figure out exactly how big a hit they’re going to take. […]

Big Data Is a Big Deal — And it’s only going to get bigger…

So what is ‘Big Data,’ and why should you care about it? To take the first question, well, first: the specific term ‘Big Data’ refers to the radically increasing size of data sets that need to be gathered, moved, and analyzed by research, government, and business organizations. In a more general sense, the Big Data […]