From Oil to Asset: The CDO’s Role in Refining Real Estate Data 

Data is the new oil. As the world adapts to the new normal, data has become a real estate firm’s most valuable asset. Data can be viewed as a rich resource like oil, but it requires a CDO to refine it and produce assets. CDOs are tasked with leading efforts to monetize this data, and in real estate, data is the backbone of advanced technologies such as AI and machine learning. Yao Morin, Chief Data Officer of JLL Technologies, will delve into key points on unlocking the power of data.

Why FinOps Needs DataOps Observability

In this special guest feature, Chris Santiago, Vice President/Solutions Engineering, Unravel Data, talks about controlling cloud spend through three phases of the FinOps lifecycle.

State of Java Ecosystem Report

Observability leader New Relic released its State of Java Ecosystem Report based on data gathered from millions of applications providing performance data. The in-depth look at one of the most popular programming languages is especially timely given new version releases and the rise of containers.

New Report: 65% Plan to Use ChatGPT Instead of Traditional Search Engines

A new Forbes Advisor report found that over 75% of consumers are concerned about misinformation from AI even though 65% plan to use ChatGPT instead of traditional search engines when searching for information or answers. 

PingCAP Empowers Open Source Community with New GitHub Data Explorer Tool

PingCAP, the provider of the advanced distributed SQL databases, announced the introduction of its new GitHub Data Explorer tool. This innovative new tool is built to help developers and open-source contributors achieve deeper insights into their GitHub activity, streamline workflows, and increase productivity.

Kinetica Announces Conversational Query – ChatGPT Integration with Analytic Database

Kinetica announced an analytic database to integrate with ChatGPT, ushering in ‘conversational querying.’ Users can ask any question of their proprietary data, even complex ones that were not previously known, and receive an answer in seconds. The combination of ChatGPT’s front-end interface that converts natural language to Structured Query Language (SQL), and Kinetica’s analytic database purpose built for true ad-hoc querying at speed and scale, provides a more intuitive and interactive way of analyzing complex data sets.

Understanding 4 Concepts for Avoiding Bias in AI-enabled Fraud Detection

In this special guest feature, Ilya Gerner, Director of Compliance Strategy for GCOM, explains why bias can be an issue when using artificial intelligence (AI) for fraud detection. By understanding key concepts of machine learning (ML), organizations can ensure greater equity in AI outputs.

Why ChatGPT is a Cyber Threat to Businesses

Our friends over at NordVPN discuss that on dark web forums, the number of threads on ChatGPT rose from 37 to 91 in a month, making bot exploitation one of the most popular topics among dark web surfers. Also, ChatGPT and social engineering attacks such as phishing, smishing or pretexting might be easily used to steal valuable information.

ICLR 2023 Paper Award Winners

The International Conference on Learning Representations (ICLR), the premier gathering of professionals dedicated to the advancement of the many branches of artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning—announced 4 award-winning papers, and 5 honorable mention paper winners.

Research Reveals Hidden Data Integration and Governance Challenges

StreamSets, a Software AG company, unveiled two reports highlighting the need for modern data integration: “Creating Order from Chaos: Governance in the Data Wild West,” and “Lifting the Lid on the Hidden Data Integration Problem.” This new research shows a widespread lack of data processes and policies among organizations, rising demand for data, and why many organizations fail to use the data at their disposal.