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Privacy and Big Data – What Goes Around Comes Around

In this feature, John Kirkley looks at how the threat of Big Data turning into Big Brother has its roots in Cold War. The year was 1968 and it was the height of the Cold War. Wanting to know more about how a totalitarian regime might exercise rigid control over its population, the U.S. government […]

Don't Diss Big Data

Over at Kirkley Communications, John Kirkley writes that Big Data is a megatrend that is not going away anytime soon.   Big Data is under seige. Or at least the term is. Recently it seems that there have been a spate of articles labeling the frenetic marketing activity around Big Data as the worst kind […]

Big Data Freeway Under Construction in San Diego

If you’ve ever driven the freeways of Southern California, you might wonder about the metaphor chosen to describe the new high speed, Big Data network announced this week by the University of California, San Diego. Known as the Prism@UCSD project, the university is building a high performance cyberinfrastructure to support bursts of Big Data between […]

Confused by Big Data? Make a Plan

Writing in the Harvard Business Review, McKinsey’s David Court points out that although Big Data is bringing big benefits to business, it can be a disruptive and difficult technology to implement. The investment in time and money can be significant, says Court in the HBR Blog Network piece. For example, he cites the CIO’s perceived […]

Blue Waters Ready to Handle Floods of Data

Big Data requires big computing, and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is doing its part with the launch of Blue Waters, one of the world’s fastest supercomputers. U of I held an open house a couple of weeks ago, inviting one and all to visit its National Petascale Computing Facility and kick the tires […]

Taking Steps to Make Better Decisions with Big Data

If only it were that easy. A recent article in Forbes presents “4 Steps to Turning Big Data into Business Impact.” Written in staccato fashion by Plyanka Jain, a consultant specializing in analytics, the piece falls into the general “How to” category characterized by articles such as “Five Steps to Flatter Abs” or that wikiHow […]

Big Data Maturity Model – Making Big Data Work for You

For business executives that want to make the most of Big Data but find the whole process somewhat daunting, the research house International Data Corporation (IDC) has published a Big Data and analytics (BDA) maturity model designed to bring order out of chaos. The BDA model provides an extensive framework of stages, critical measures, outcomes, […]

New MIT Software Targets Data-Intensive Cloud Computing

When data-intensive applications meet the cloud, there may be stormy weather ahead. Cloud computing services undeniably generate a long list of benefits: for example, economies of scale, responsiveness to fluctuating job requirements, in-depth technical support, and the pay-as-you-go scenario come to mind. But researchers at MIT are also aware that applications built around large-scale database […]

Big Data: Big Brother or Nirvana?

Will Big Data help bring about the dystopian vision of George Orwell’s novel 1984 or be a boon for humanity, providing a range of benefits that were unthinkable until just recently? That’s the question Fred Gallagher, the general manager of Vectorwise tentatively addresses in a blog posted on Wired’s Innovation Insights. Gallagher pokes gingerly at […]

Life Sciences and Big Data: Made for Each Other

You can’t find better examples of the promises and pitfalls of Big Data than in the realm of the life sciences. According to an excellent article, “Unraveling the Complexities of Life Sciences Data,” published in the journal Big Data, with the combination of the completion of the human genome project and the availability of advanced […]