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Big Data Could Add $325 Billion to Economy by 2020

McKinsey has issued a 146 page report this month: Game changers: Five opportunities for US growth and renewal. According to them, Big Data will add $155 to $325 Billion to the US economy by 2020, which represents 0.8 to 1.7 % of GDP. Big-data analytics is a productivity tool. Data is captured everywhere from data […]

Big Data’s Role in International Development, Poverty Reduction, and Disease Control

The World Economic Forum has just released a report on the impact of Big Data in international development. The amount of data in the world is exploding – large portion of this comes from the interactions over mobile devices being used by people in the developing world – people whose needs and habits have been […]

Big Data a Game Changer in Emergency Response for Superstorm Sandy

Government Technology reports that Big Data technology was used very effectively during Superstorm Sandy. A partnership created by FEMA, Geeks Without Bounds, and Splunk4Good conducted an analysis of sensor data, hashtags, Instagram photos, data from evacuation rates, and keywords such as: power, food, fuel, and water. The information was then used to predict the areas […]

CFOs Take Note: Big Data on the March

Are your competitors using Big Data? The Wall Street Journal reports that a recent Forrester Research indicates increasing adoption of Big Data technologies. The study of 634 companies revealed that forty four percent have implemented, expanded, or plan to implement Big Data technologies. And while an additional thirty one percent are interested, they have no deployment […]