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The Melding of Minds: How AI and Humans are Changing the Workforce

In this special guest feature, Claus Jepsen, Deputy CTO and Chief Technology Strategist at Unit4, discusses how the future of AI holds both promise and mystery. It is more important than ever to prepare yourself, your team, and your organization to develop a strategy to leverage artificial intelligence. And keep in mind – AI, when used correctly, is about empowering people to do more and better than humanly possible.

Accelerating SQL and BI Analytics — Extending Analytical BI with a GPU Database

Organizations worldwide are facing the challenge of effectively analyzing their exponentially growing data stores. Download the new white paper from SQream DB that explores the features that make GPU databases ideal for BI and incorporates real-world use-cases from actual customer implementations. It also explains how you can turn your existing BI pipeline into a more capable, next-generation big data analytics system using powerful GPU technology. 

The Role of the Data Scientist is in High Demand. But What Does it Take to Fill the Job?

In this contributed article, Rich Cober, MicroStrategy’s Chief Human Resources Officer, discusses how the data scientist will be critical in driving the overall success of the enterprise, and in the U.S., we can expect some of those profits being ploughed back into using data to help further improvements in hiring, training, product development, marketing and more. Forrester Research analyst Brandon Purcell said demand for data scientists will only continue to grow. A career in data science is not only one of the most in-demand opportunities, it is also a rewarding position that helps inform the most important decisions an enterprise can make.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Integrates BlueData to Accelerate AI and Data-Driven Innovation in the Enterprise

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) announced a new integrated offering that combines the HPE BlueData software platform with HPE Apollo systems, to provide customers with a powerful appliance for AI and data driven-innovation. The announcement builds on HPE’s acquisition of BlueData in November 2018, and represents an important milestone in HPE’s ongoing strategy for the AI market.

Verifiable AI Data: Why It’s Critical for the Automation Revolution

In this special guest feature, Dirk Kanngiesser, co-founder and CEO of Cryptowerk, discusses how vendors implement Verifiable AI into their products to ensure that their AI algorithms are not handling data that has been tampered with, and how companies build Verifiable AI into their systems to verify that they are using safe data.

“Above the Trend Line” – Your Industry Rumor Central for 5/6/2019

Above the Trend Line: your industry rumor central is a recurring feature of insideBIGDATA. In this column, we present a variety of short time-critical news items grouped by category such as M&A activity, people movements, funding news, financial results, industry alignments, customer wins, rumors and general scuttlebutt floating around the big data, data science and machine learning industries including behind-the-scenes anecdotes and curious buzz.

Insurtech Data & Privacy in 2019

In this special guest feature, Jason T. Andrew, CEO and co-founder of Limelight Health, discusses how InsurTech is coming of age at just the right time to decide how to use Big Data in a way that protects startups from the pitfalls into which the large social media companies fell. He believes we have the opportunity to build the InsurTech industry as digitally transparent and ethically sound, even as we accept the inevitability that the curtain has been pulled back on our privacy as we imagined it. As we revolutionize the insurance industry, it’s all the more important that we lead the way in developing technologies that empower users and set the right safeguards for data protection between technology vendors and insurers.

Uptime Assurance through the Mobilization and Augmentation of Data Center IT Teams with Artificially Intelligent Applications

In this contributed article, AJ Byers, CEO of ROOT Data Center, discusses how AI technology was implemented in ROOT Data Centers since it was initially deployed in early 2018. Since then, over 250 hours and 3,000 training sessions have been completed to gather the data necessary for the AI persona. As a result, ROOT compiled the case study below covering how they achieved these processes.

Are Machines the Answer to More Personal Marketing?

In this contributed article, Mellissa Flowerdew-Clarke, Marketing Director UK & US for Dept, discusses how AI and machine learning are poised to curate the optimal ad experiences of the future. This piece covers various examples of how this tech allows for the ultimate in personalization. Mellissa also explores whether or not people really want this much personalization when it means having their data harvested. As AI and machine learning tech continue to develop, brands and consumers will need to decide whether the give and take is worth it for them.

TOP 10 insideBIGDATA Articles for April 2019

In this continuing regular feature, we give all our valued readers a monthly heads-up for the top 10 most viewed articles appearing on insideBIGDATA. Over the past several months, we’ve heard from many of our followers that this feature will enable them to catch up with important news and features flowing across our many channels.