Data Science 101: The Data Analytics Handbook

“Data Analytics Handbook” is a new resource meant to inform young professionals about the field of data science. Written by a group of students at UC Berkeley: Brian Liou, Tristan Tao, and Elizabeth Lin. Edition One of the book includes in-depth interviews with Data Scientists & Data Analysts.

BigML: Machine Learning as a Service

FIELD REPORT I attended a very interesting get-together today courtesy of the LA Machine Learning Meetup group. The guest speaker was David Gerster, VP of Data Science at BigML, a provider of online tools for performing machine learning tasks. The title of David’s talk was “Using Machine Learning to Predict Customer Churn” and he used […]

Webinar: Machine Learning Made Easy with BigML

BigML, touted as the web-based solution to provide Machine Learning for everyone, will be holding a webinar on Sept 25 at 9AM PDT where the company will be announcing new features that comprise their upcoming Fall 2013 Release, including advanced text processing, Excel export, multi-label predictions, and a dedicated high performance prediction server offering. These […]