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Kevin Dudak on The Challenge of Infrastructure Knowledge

In this special guest feature, Kevin Dudak from Spectra Logic looks at why never-ending growth of data requires both daily diligence and a long-term outlook. My last blog entry started the down the path of accidental Big Data after a conversation with a customer. This customer is like many organizations, they never expected that data […]

What Do You Do with Accidental Big Data?

In this special guest feature, Kevin Dudak from Spectra Logic looks at how unexpected volumes of data can quickly grow to pose all kinds of new challenges for the enterprise. Lots of people and organizations are talking about big data, and the analytics side is getting a lot more attention than the storage site of […]

Spectra Installs 550 Petabytes Tape Capacity in Just Six Months

With the rise of Big Data and increasing emphasis on data-intensive computing, you may be wondering how the tape vendors are doing. Well, very well, thank you, as evidenced by Spectra Logic’s announcement that that the company installed more than half an exabyte of tape storage capacity in the past six months alone. With revenue […]

Spectra Logic Tape Libraries Earn Top Marks in Storage Magazine's 2012 Quality Awards

This week Spectra Logic announced that it has earned the top honors in the Storage magazine Quality Awards winning both the enterprise and midrange tape library categories. Spectra Logic dominated this time around with the highest score in every [Enterprise] rating category,” said Rich Castagna, editorial director for the storage media group for Storage magazine […]

Video: Spectra Logic Tape Storage Technologies Taking off at SC12

In this video from SC12, Molly Rector from Spectra Logic describes the latest advancements in the company’s tape-based storage technologies. Along the way, she debunks the myth that Amazon’s AWS Glacier offering will be the death of tape.

Spectra Logic Rolls Out 10GbE Connectivity to Tape Solution

Today Spectra Logic announced the introduction of support for 10 Gigabit Ethernet iSCSI connectivity as an interface option for the Spectra T-Series tape libraries. Offered in partnership with Bridgeworks, the solution enables simple integration of tape systems into 10GbE SANs. We’re excited to continue on the path of keeping tape storage systems easy to integrate […]

Got Big Data? AWS Glacier is no Tape Killer

Molly Rector from Spectra Logic writes that Amazon’s AWS Glacier cloud archival service is no “Tape Killer.” Amazon Glacier is not practical for active archive markets with up to exabytes of data. Tape is. Bandwidth costs are too high, retrieval time is too slow and the Glacier model doesn’t meet the frequency of data access […]

Video: Spectra Logic Brings High Performance to Big Data Tape at ISC'12

In this video. Molly Rector from Spectra Logic describes the company’s high-performance, Big Data tape storage solutions for the HPC market. Recorded at ISC’12 in Hamburg. In related news, Spectra recently announced that it will be the sole provider of tape storage for the 10 Petaflop Blue Waters supercomputer project at NCSA. We are pleased […]

Big Data in Government

In this special guest feature, Spectra Logic’s Kevin Dudak writes that while the government is great at gathering data, accessing useful information remains difficult. I am currently wading through the massive task of trying to buy a house.  Searching is one part fun, one part frustrating.  My friends would say this shouldn’t come as a […]

Podcast: Spectra to Deliver 380 Petabytes of Tape Storage to Blue Waters

In this podcast, Michelle Butler from NCSA and Molly Rector from Spectra Logic discuss the massive tape storage system that is being deployed for the 10 Petaflop Blue Waters supercomputer. As announced this week, the Blue Waters system will be one of the world’s largest active file repositories stored on tape media and will scale […]