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Yes, Data Privacy and Artificial Intelligence are Compatible

In this special guest feature, Leif-Nissen Lundbaek, is CEO of XAIN, makes a compelling case that, with all the fear surrounding hacks and data breaches, data privacy and artificial intelligence are in fact compatible, through Federated Learning.

What do the EU’s ethical guidelines for AI mean for American companies?

In this special guest feature, Agustin Huerta, VP of Technology at Globant, takes a look at how the EU’s AI guidelines will impact organizations’ technology practices. Will the guidelines be effective? How will this ethical framework impact enterprises in the U.S.? And more importantly, how should enterprise leaders respond?

Protecting Big Data and the need for Data Centric Security

In this special guest feature, Warren Poschman, a Solutions Architect at comforte, discusses how big data analytics can be incredibly insightful and valuable to any enterprise. What some are not aware of is every new data stream created is potentially a new attack vector for organizations to defend against. Historically, organizations have had to choose between security or analytics, but with the advent of strict data privacy and protection regulations, the choice has been removed out of the equation. comforte is a leading provider of enterprise data security and digital payments.

Businesses Have Plenty Of Data, So Why Aren’t They Using It?

In this special guest feature, Simone Di Somma, Founder and CEO at Askdata, believes that businesses already collect so much data in the course of their day-to-day operations. But they could start using that data more effectively by bringing it out from behind the curtain, presenting employees across the board with easy access and interaction for it.

How AI is Uncovering Hidden Treasures in Online Conversion & Revenue Growth

In this special guest feature, Michael Scharff, CEO of Evolv, believes that in the rapidly evolving world of e-commerce, today’s ideal customer experience may not be so ideal tomorrow. Fortunately, retailers can now use the power of AI and data-driven insights from online customer behavior to define that optimal experience today as well as in the future.

How Big Brands Are Using Automated Data Analytics That Bring Results

In this special guest feature, Steve Habazin, Content Management Specialist with Latana, discusses how big brands are choosing and using the right data analytics that will bring results. Data, data, data. Something very valuable to brands. They need it in order to make informed decisions and in the long term, make their brand grow.

Creating a Balanced Meal of Data

In this special guest feature, Ian Firth, VP Products at speech-to-text technology specialist Speechmatics, believes that measuring what data intake is needed for an enterprise – like a balanced diet – is key to optimum performance and output. A healthy diet of data will set a company on the road to maximum results without drifting into red areas either side.

Computational Storage Reinvigorates Storage in a Novel Way

In this special guest feature, Scott Shadley, VP at NGD Systems, discusses the SNIA Computational Storage (CS) working group’s technical progress since its inception and how they plan to make computational storage mainstream over the next year. The group just finished a long, painstaking process to establish formal definitions and terminology to properly categorize and standardize computational storage technologies. This work was done by the body’s over 40 participating companies and 148 individual members.

How to Ensure Data Quality for AI

In this special guest feature, Wilson Pang, CTO of Appen, offers a few quality controls that organizations can implement to allow for the most accurate and consistent data annotation process possible. When we talk about quality training data, we’re talking about both the accuracy and consistency of those labels. Accuracy is how close a label is to the truth. Consistency is the degree to which multiple annotations on various training items agree with one another.

Getting Data Scientists to Live in an IT World

In this special guest feature, Dale Kim, Senior Director, Product Marketing at Hazelcast, discusses how data scientists are a bit unique in that they have technical skills and deal heavily with data yet are not necessarily tightly integrated with the rest of the IT team. Many do not consider themselves to be coders, and do not naturally embed themselves into the IT culture and the software development lifecycle.