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How to Prevent Data Black Holes from Swallowing your Organization Whole

In this special guest feature, Tolga Tarhan, Chief Technology Officer at Onica, points out that as data accumulates in an environment, applications and services that rely on that data will naturally be pulled into the same environment, creating a data black hole. As companies continue to accumulate data, they are sitting on ineffectively used data — creating problems with user experience, speed, and digital transformation. And eventually, they are being pulled into data black holes in which the larger a data mass is, the harder it is to move.

Big Data’s Unique Role in the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

In this special guest feature, John Hogan, Senior Vice President of Engineering at TraceLink, discusses the pharmaceutical supply chain, and the challenges it is facing regarding big data and interoperability. Despite past obstacles, technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), and Blockchain are playing a role in the digital transformation happening within the supply chain.

Rubber Meets the Road: Reality of AI in Infrastructure Monitoring

In this special guest feature, Farhan Abrol, Head of Machine Learning Products at Pure Storage, examines the disparity between the hype and what’s been delivered, and where we’ll see the most impactful advancements in efficiency and capacity in the coming year. The hype around artificial intelligence and machine learning’s potential to improve IT infrastructure continues to grow, as does enterprise investment in intelligent infrastructure management, however the anticipated value has yet to be realized.

Is Open Source Analytics in Your Budget?

In this special guest feature, Thomas Hazel, Founder, CTO and Chief Scientist of CHAOSSEARCH, provide tips on how to evaluate the total cost ownership of open source solutions, examines the lifecycle of the solutions, from download through customization and ongoing operations, describes why some open source projects fare well and others run into challenges, and give readers a way to determine if/when open source analytics is the right approach for their projects.

Explainable AI: The key to Responsibly Adopting AI in Medicine

In this special guest feature, Niv Mizrahi, CTO & Co-Founder of Emedgene, discusses a field of technology that constantly is rising in importance – explainable (or interpretable) AI, and specifically how it has become a key responsibility for adopting AI in medicine. Emedgene is a genomics company using AI to automatically interpret genetic data so that health organizations can scale personalized care to wider populations.

Everything You Need to Know About Dark Data⁠—and How to Bring It into the Light

In this special guest feature, Dan Cech, VP of Platform Services at Grafana Labs, discusses both liability and best practices for dark data. The data that is collected but not used is often termed “dark data.”

2020’s AIOps Evolution

In this special guest feature, Will Cappelli, Moogsoft EMEA CTO, provides several trends that will shape the way we use AIOps as 2020 unfolds. AIOps has transitioned from a nice-to-have to a need-to-have for combating the data deluge created by the IT complexity of running digital services and apps. As this trend continues, AI becomes more critical to overcoming the volume, variety and velocity of event data produced by this complexity, and to business viability itself.

Do Business Intelligence Providers Trust Domain Experts? It Certainly Doesn’t Seem Like It

In this special guest feature, Rob Woollen from Sigma Computing asks why would we rely solely on data analysts when we have a full team of experts that know their domain? Instead of simply sitting back and hoping for a eureka moment for your business, it’s time to level out the playing field for empowered data discovery — across all business teams.

Understanding Forecasting Methods in an AI World

In this special guest feature, Geoff Birnes, SVP of Customer Engagement at Atrium, discusses how the CRM space is being completely altered by the introduction of machine learning, data analytics and advanced AI. Traditionally, the world of CRM has been focused on data storage and minimal engagement, but now there is an opportunity to create full-scale systems of intelligence.

For Service Providers, Big (network) Data is the New “Oil”

In this special guest feature, Alex Pavlovic, Director, Product Marketing, Nokia Deepfield, discusses “Data is the new oil,” a phrase coined by The Economist, that has become the mantra for describing the platform-based economy driven by hyperscale players such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft and Netflix. To reach their global audience, these webscale giants need the ubiquitous connectivity provided by service providers and their networks. These networks generate and store vast amounts of data on networks, infrastructure and services.