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What’s so Important about Data Quality?

In this special guest feature, David Kolinek, Vice President of Product, Ataccama, asks why data quality is so important? Sometimes taking a step back and reviewing the basics can help clear things up. DQ is not a single activity but a series of actions that draw upon multiple resources and functions, all focused on making data usable in a purposeful way. It falls under data management, which has an overriding mission of delivering a view of datasets from various perspectives, enabling the type and quality level of data to be assessed. 

It’s a Numbers Game – Why Businesses Need More Women in Data and Analytics

In this special guest feature, Peggy Pranschke, VP Global Business Analytics with Vista, discusses how the barriers to success for women working as data scientist can be overcome. As the amount of data increases and the demand for specialists grows, ensuring diversity within data teams should be a priority. Diversified staff can bring different perspectives, creativity, and unbiased problem-solving to the discipline.

Why AlOps Is the Future of Network Management?

In this special guest feature, Amit Shingala, CEO of Motadata, points out that with the vast amounts of incoming data, it can be difficult to identify and estimate all the complications. Therefore, IT organizations must evaluate the benefits of introducing AIOps for network monitoring.

4 Areas Where Grocery Stores Can Use Data Analytics to Enhance Operations

In this special guest feature, Bagrat Safaryan, Co-Founder and CEO of Local Express, takes a close look at four areas where data analytics can have a significant impact for grocers. Thanks to new, easy-to-integrate technologies, if you are a grocer, you can start baking the cake yourself and claim most of it as revenue. The key here is to use the technologies and collect own data, analyze systematic relationships and patterns, and tailor your store’s operations to your and your customers’ needs.

Big Data Will Open Up the Benefits of Sustainability Across the Agriculture Sector

In this special guest feature, Lindsay Suddon, Chief Strategy Officer for Proagrica, believes that now is the time for the agriculture sector to harness the power of data and work together to achieve increases in productivity, profitability, sustainability, food safety and security. It won’t just be just the challenges of climate change forcing the issue, it shall be the increasing groundswell of global consumer sentiment and demand for change too.

The New Alchemy: Mastering Use of Qualitative Data to Create Insight Gold

In this special guest feature, Daniel Erickson, Founder and CEO, Viable, discusses how to master the use of qualitative data to drive sales. While data isn’t gold, mastering its use can have an alchemy-like effect, bringing immense value to something that was previously without. 

DataSecOps: The Future Of Data Accessibility & Compliance

In this special guest feature, Eldad Chai, CEO & Co-Founder, Satori, discusses how companies can better manage data access by adopting a need-to-know approach that isn’t bogged down by manual processes, custom scripts and disparate tooling. A single integrated approach – known as DataSecOps – will get them there without friction.

The Current State and Future of AI for Customer Service

In this special guest feature, Muddu Sudhakar, Co-founder and CEO of Aisera, describes how AI provides firms with a way to manage customer service at scale, by providing better on-demand answers and actions. Firms need automation and to add intelligence to customer service processes. They’re managing high expectations from mobile-connected consumers who want immediate relevant answers to any questions. They want to perform tasks with a minimal number of actions and human interaction but want to speak to someone when needed.

Mythbusting: Top Three Misconceptions of Conversational AI 

In this special guest feature, Derek Roberti, Vice President of Technology at Cognigy, offers 3 top misconceptions about conversational AI. He’ll demystify conversational AI in a way that makes deploying it a no-brainer and in turn will drastically improve customer and employee experiences.

Is Your Data-Automation Process Really Powered by AI?

In this special guest feature, Sergio Suarez, Jr., Founder & CTO, TackleAI, discusses guidelines for data processing and data automation professionals offering insight into the role of AI in dynamic data discovery. Most companies are aware they are behind the times, but don’t know where to begin. That’s another reason true AI in automated data processing will be key in helping them make the transition seamless and cost-effective.