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Digital Trust & Safety: The Next Generation of Fraud Prevention is Powered by Machine Learning

In this special guest feature, Kevin Lee, a Trust and Safety architect at Sift, discusses how Digital Trust & Safety, powered by machine learning, is taking the lead with fraud prevention efforts. Digital Trust & Safety is the only scalable and effective approach for the digital era. Companies that adopt Digital Trust & Safety are empowered to join the ranks of leading companies building the most groundbreaking products of our time.

Taking a New Approach to AI Projects for Real Business Applications

In this special guest feature, Dr Catherine Havasi, AI Science Lead at Agorai (a global platform which provides the turnkey software solutions, technology and data needed for any company to join the AI economy), discusses the need for a more pragmatic approach to AI that firms must take to ensure real business results are achieved. In this piece, Dr. Havasi provides her advice on what businesses should look for in order to start a new AI project, what kind of evaluations they should make and what measurements they should consider.

Critical Data Science Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them)

In this special guest feature, Dave McCarthy, VP of IoT Solutions at Bsquare, discusses a few of the biggest data science errors organizations make and tips on how to avoid them.

Rev Up Your Digital Transformation Engine with AI

In this special guest feature, Enzo Signore, Chief Marketing Officer at FixStream, discusses how companies need to innovate with AI and digitally transform themselves to keep pace with changing markets. Those that don’t leverage AI are losing orders due to their archaic and old IT infrastructure, and are committing IT suicide by not modernizing their IT environment. Essentially it’s AI or die.

Six Tenets of Data Lake Access Control and Governance

In this special guest feature, Amandeep Kurana, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder at Okera, provides six important tenets of data lake access control and governance – Data-Centricity, Rich Access Policies, Scalability and Automation, Unified Visibility, Open, API-First Design, and Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Ready.

Unleash AI for Impact

In this special guest feature, Brian D’alessandro, Director of Data Science at SparkBeyond, discusses how AI is a learning curve, and exploring opportunities within the technology further extends its potential to enable transformation and generate impact. It can shape workflows to drive efficiency and growth opportunities, while automating other workflows and create new business models. While AI empowers us with the ability to predict the future — we have the opportunity to change it.

The Impact of AI on the Data Analyst

In this special guest feature, Glen Rabie, CEO of Yellowfin, believes that while many analysts may fear they will be replaced by automation and AI, the role of the data analyst will increase in significance to the business and breadth of skills required.

The Melding of Minds: How AI and Humans are Changing the Workforce

In this special guest feature, Claus Jepsen, Deputy CTO and Chief Technology Strategist at Unit4, discusses how the future of AI holds both promise and mystery. It is more important than ever to prepare yourself, your team, and your organization to develop a strategy to leverage artificial intelligence. And keep in mind – AI, when used correctly, is about empowering people to do more and better than humanly possible.

Verifiable AI Data: Why It’s Critical for the Automation Revolution

In this special guest feature, Dirk Kanngiesser, co-founder and CEO of Cryptowerk, discusses how vendors implement Verifiable AI into their products to ensure that their AI algorithms are not handling data that has been tampered with, and how companies build Verifiable AI into their systems to verify that they are using safe data.

Insurtech Data & Privacy in 2019

In this special guest feature, Jason T. Andrew, CEO and co-founder of Limelight Health, discusses how InsurTech is coming of age at just the right time to decide how to use Big Data in a way that protects startups from the pitfalls into which the large social media companies fell. He believes we have the opportunity to build the InsurTech industry as digitally transparent and ethically sound, even as we accept the inevitability that the curtain has been pulled back on our privacy as we imagined it. As we revolutionize the insurance industry, it’s all the more important that we lead the way in developing technologies that empower users and set the right safeguards for data protection between technology vendors and insurers.