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How AI/ML is Revolutionizing the Ad Business for TV, CTV, and Digital Outlets

In this special guest feature, Alex Persky-Stern, CEO of Waymark, discusses how AI is opening a path to offset a number of challenges faced by media companies – especially in the local advertiser market. Bracing for the worst makes sense. Media companies face high inflation, slow ad revenue growth, and a tough economic outlook. At the same time, many are scrambling to keep up as they manage the decline of linear viewership and mass consumer adoption of streaming services.

The Real Value of Data Observability

In this special guest feature, Andy Petrella, CPO and founder of Kensu, points out that as application observability became a central element for DevOps teams, data observability is set to follow the same path and help data teams to lower maintenance costs, scale up value creation from data, and maintain trust in it.

Hello, this is Your Personal AI Assistant: The Future of Conversational AI

In this special guest feature, Adnan Masood, PhD, Chief AI Architect, UST, believes the ultimate goal of conversational AI is to let people interact naturally with business services through these interfaces, facilitating human-machine interaction, and he’s hopeful that we are on a path to achieving this.

How Do Low-Code Developers Increase Business Value?

In this special guest feature, Amy Groden-Morrison, VP of Marketing and Sales Operation for Alpha Software, examines the business value low-code developers offer and the challenges low-code development solves. A common misconception about low-code developers is that they’re not skilled enough to develop high-value apps with advanced features. However, prominent research suggests quite the contrary. 

MLOps is Booming: Three Best Practices for Success

In this special guest feature, Moses Guttmann, CEO and Co-Founder, ClearML, believes that MLOps is here to stay and finding MLOps success depends on more than just grabbing the newest, shiniest solution off the shelf. By keeping these few best practices in mind, businesses can build the foundations they need for sustainable MLOps growth.

Acquiring New Customers Using AI, Machine Learning and Customer Analytics

In this special guest feature, William Skelly, CEO, Causeway Solutions, provides a list of some of the modern customer acquisition technologies and techniques. You’ve probably heard the often-repeated business adage, “It is six to seven times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to keep a current one.” However, with the latest advancements in AI, machine learning and customer analytics, acquiring new clients can be much more strategic, streamlined, and cost-effective.

5 Ways to to Accelerate your Cloud Data Warehouse Migration

In this special guest feature, Christian Romming is CEO of Etleap, believes there’s too much at stake to allow an oversight to result in a security breach or downtime. Etleap is a managed data pipeline company serving enterprises like Moderna, PagerDuty, and Morningstar. Christian founded Etleap in 2013 after a career in data engineering. He is […]

10 Tips to Ensure Effective Infrastructure Monitoring 

In this special guest feature, Adrian Phillips who leads product marketing for the Infrastructure Monitoring solutions at Dynatrace, believes there’s too much at stake to allow an oversight to result in a security breach or downtime. In this article, you’ll discover 10 tips to ensure your infrastructure monitoring is effective.

The Most Common Bias in Data Is Gender Bias — Here’s How to Prevent It

In this special guest feature, Michaël Pilaeten, learning and development manager for CTG’s European operations, explores why data bias exists, and the impact it creates. Then, he identifies major areas in which the data bias impacts women on a daily basis to showcase the level of severity. Lastly, he provides key solutions and strategies to combat data bias.

How AI Can be Used to Help People See

From reducing the reliance on trial and error to providing ultra-precise drug effectiveness data, AI has a major role to play in making clinical trials more efficient and robust. In this contributed article, ophthalmologist and biopharma CEO Dr George Magrath explains how AI is being harnessed in the development of eye care medicines.