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Data and Analytics are Helping to Drive Healthcare Innovation

In this special guest feature, Ashley Kramer, Chief Product & Marketing Officer for Sisense, highlights the stories of three companies that used data and insights to improve patient care, adapt to a tumultuous healthcare landscape, and maintain strong business operations.

Data Catalogs are Half the Battle–We Need Answers to Real Questions

In this special guest feature, Kaycee Lai, Founder and CEO of Promethium, discusses how the data catalog is a critical step in the movement towards data-driven business. But it’s also a step that needs to be bolstered by a few other things before it enables business questions to be answered. Reviewed are a few of the roadblocks that analysts encounter to identify functionality that needs to be added to data cataloguing.

How NLU is Helping Improve Agent Performance For Better CX

In this special guest feature, Julie Miller, VP of Product Marketing at Clarabridge, discusses how contact centers leverage AI to remove bias. By harnessing natural language understanding (NLU) to automatically evaluate contact center interactions, teams can better identify issues across large volumes of inquiries and act confidently on them while remaining relatively free of human bias and error.

AI and 3D: A New Era of Geospatial Intelligence

In this special guest feature, San Gunawardana, Co-founder and CEO of Enview, discusses the marrying of AI and mapping, and why the two matter for the future of national security, disasters, infrastructure and city planning.

AI is Real Estate’s Secret Weapon for Efficiency, Accuracy and Customer Satisfaction

In this special guest feature, Nick Vandivere, CEO of ThoughtTrace, discusses how AI is real estate’s secret weapon for efficiency, accuracy and customer satisfaction. When a business can locate the critical information in their contracts in a timely manner, they’re empowered to reduce waste, capitalize on newfound opportunities, and increase their bottom line.

How Machine Learning and Data Science Can Advance Nutrition Research

In this special guest feature, Kyle Dardashti, CEO & Founder of Heali, discusses how machine learning and data science bring exciting potential to the world of personalized nutrition. Combining these two technologies together on a cohesive platform that supports continuous tracking would allow for real-time validated nutrition recommendations tailored to an individual’s lifestyle.

My Robot Brings All the Boys to the Yard, Its AI is Better than Yours

In this special guest feature, Aviran Yaacov, CEO, and Co-founder of EcoPlant, believes that both AI and ML technologies are making impactful strides in manufacturing, and there is no time like the present for manufacturers to get on board and explore ways to transform their processes to benefit across all fronts.

How Organizations Can Leverage the Power of AI in their Data Analytics Projects

In this special guest feature, Clarke Allen, Senior Director of Strategic Business Initiatives, Qlarion, discusses how organizations can: build and deploy AI and ML models. ensure the results are explainable, and collaborate and speed decision-making.

Bridging the Data Migration Gap

In this special guest feature, Tony Velcich, Senior Director of Product Marketing, WANdisco, discusses what he calls the “data migration gap” and how this gap has grown even more prominent and acute given recent events. Cloud migration has never garnered greater mindshare in the executive suite and in the work-from-home trenches. The COVID-19 pandemic has ensured that everyone realizes that cloud migration is crucial for remote productivity. But even as enterprises push business-critical applications and data to the cloud, much data accrued in recent years is left behind in on-prem legacy data lakes.

Why a Data First Approach is the Key to a Successful Digital Transformation

In this special guest feature, Julian Box, Founder and CEO of Calligo, discusses how every business leader has digital transformation on the brain. But one thing a global pandemic has taught us is that the speed at which you transform can be accelerated mighty fast. Being forced to change the way people work and do business has catapulted many organizations into embracing a digital world at an unexpected speed.