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Fighting Data Silos with Data Literacy and Transparency for All

In this special guest feature, John Wills, Field CTO at Alation, discusses creating a culture of data consciousness and the five ways he has seen to work best. John has experience in driving a successful data culture, especially in times of increased growth, and recommends that companies first ensure that employees know what data is at their fingertips.

Data Sovereignty Extends Beyond Real Data

In this special guest feature, Omar Ali Fdal, CEO at Statice, discusses how data sovereignty does not obstruct innovation. Rather, it enables us to become even more independent and control our digital assets. And synthetic data has a big role to play in this transformation.

Enabling Federated Querying & Analytics While Accelerating Machine Learning Projects

In this special guest feature, Brendan Newlon, Solutions Architect at Stardog, indicates that for an increasing number of organizations, a semantic data layer powered by an enterprise knowledge graph provides the solution that enables them to connect relevant data elements in their true context and provide greater meaning to their data.

Data Quality and Data Access are Becoming More Critical

In this special guest feature, Christian Lutz, Co-founder and President,, believes that if you are thorough in considering your data generation and access needs, you will be in a better position to choose the right database that produces the right quality of data and the efficient access to insights that help drive your business forward towards growth.

How Can Dentistry Benefit from AI? It’s All in the Data

In this special guest feature, Florian Hillen, founder and CEO, VideaHealth, points out that Like many other industries within the healthcare ecosystem, dentistry is beginning to adopt artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to improve patient care, lower costs, and streamline workflows and care delivery. While the dental profession is no stranger to cutting-edge technology, AI represents such a revolutionary change that few organizations have the knowledge and skill sets to implement an effective strategy.

Edge Computing Is Driving Connectivity in a Remote-First World

In this special guest feature, Jason Andersen, Vice President of Business Line Management at Stratus Technologies, discusses how edge computing helps companies compute and share data across their supply chains and succeed in a disrupted, hybrid-first world. Even as people return to offices, it’s clear that the disruption isn’t going anywhere, so companies need to be strategic and think about how they provide workers wherever they are with access to data and make it actionable.

Can Blockchain Fix The Global Supply Chain?

In this special guest feature, Dr. Tim Wagner, CEO and Co-founder, Vendia, discusses why traditional blockchains are failing businesses and how enterprise companies should be thinking about data sharing solutions instead.

Introduction to Quantum

In this special guest feature, Elizabeth Ruetsch, General Manager for Quantum Engineering Solutions at Keysight Technologies, provides an introduction to quantum and provides a deep dive into the importance, benefits, security risks, as well as quantum’s disruptive potential. Elizabeth provides her insight into what technical advancements are needed to take quantum computing from a niche existence to the mainstream.

How Predictive Maintenance is Cutting Back on Costs and Injuries for the Oil and Gas Industry

In this special guest feature, Peter Bernard, CEO, Datagration, discusses how oil and gas industry predictive maintenance doesn’t just provide an economic value, it also boosts safety by anticipating unpredicted failures amongst aging infrastructure in many rigs. By applying machine learning (ML) to pumps and compressors, operators can easily detect equipment failure before it happens, greatly reducing downtime and extending the lifespan of machinery. Maintenance strategies across upstream oil and gas require a smarter approach, and ML provides the answer.

Federated Machine Learning and Its Impact on Financial Crime Data

In this special guest feature, Gary M. Shiffman, PhD, Co-founder and CEO, Consilient, takes a look at Federated Machine Learning, the branch of machine learning that’s sure to be a revolution for FCC professionals by enabling collaboration while preserving privacy. After all, money launderers are humans and therefore display consistent patterns of behavior. Machine learning (ML) technology, at its core, detects patterns across big data.