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5 Steps to an Effective SMB Analytics Program

In this special guest feature, Christopher Risher, Senior Program Manager at Onepath, discusses the 5 steps SMBs can take to implement a business analytics program. These steps will open up a whole new world of insight into your organization and help you take it to the next level.

Delivering Fast and Effective Chatbot Solutions: Strategies for Success

In this special guest feature, Vikram Khandpur, Chief Product Officer at Sinch, discusses how at the core of its capabilities, chatbots bring to life data-backed communications technology. AI, machine learning, and the world of big data are driving forces behind the future of work. The possibilities of streamlined business operations with automation are endless, and the desire to implement these solutions is becoming a critical component in effective user engagement.

Key Trends Framing the State of AI and ML

In this special guest feature, Rachel Roumeliotis, Vice President of Content Strategy at O’Reilly Media, provides a deep dive into what topics and terms are on the rise in the data science industry, and also touches on important technology trends and shifts in learning these technologies.

Challenges to Consider While Implementing Big Data Strategy in Manufacturing

In this special guest feature, Piyush Jain, Founder and CEO of Simpalm, discusses the many ways in which Big Data has positively influenced the manufacturing industry, along with the major challenges faced in implementation.

Accounting for the Unknown in the Time of COVID-19: How Data Scientists Can Adapt

In this special guest feature, Jonathan Prantner, Co-founder & Chief Analytics Officer at RXA, discusses how given the fast-paced nature of the world right now, data scientists working to understand and predict business impact will need to adjust current models or build new ones to make sense of COVID-19.

AIOps – 6 Things to Avoid When Selecting a Solution

In this special guest feature, Paul Scully, a Vice President at Grok, believes that sometimes it’s easier to look at what NOT to do in order to find an AIOps solution that will work for your company. Read on to learn more about what to avoid when it comes to finding an AIOps platform that will benefit your company.

How to Close the Skills Gap AI Has Created

In this special guest feature, Stanley Zaffos, Senior Vice President of Product Marketing at Infinidat, discusses how IT and business leaders across industries all face the same challenge – how to close the skills gap that’s been created by advancements in AI and data analytics. Infinidat is a provider of enterprise storage solutions. As a […]

Is Your Data Estate an Unstructured Mess? How a Spring-Cleaning Project Can Reduce Your Organization’s Risk

In this special guest feature, Dean Gonsowski, Chief Revenue Officer at Active Navigation, focuses on what steps a company needs to follow to review, understand and clean-up their data to eliminate security risks. Also included is a short list of items to include when starting your spring-cleaning project.

Insights Beyond the Bedside: Machine Learning for Healthcare Administration, Utilization, and Cost (AUC)

In this special guest feature, Corinne Stroum, Director of Product for Utilization and Cost at KenSci, discusses how healthcare’s migration to electronic medical records in the early 2010s heralded an age of promise: increased efficiency, an opportunity to understand disease and populations at scale, and a reduction in errors. Like other industries, healthcare has also faced the challenge of adopting technologies before policy and ethics have had a chance to understand its implications.

What You Must Know About the 5 Levels of AIOps Maturity

In this special guest feature, Sean McDermott, CEO and founder of Windward Consulting Group and RedMonocle, offers what enterprises need to know about the five levels of AIOps maturity. When maneuvering through each level, keep the long-term AIOps strategy and goals at the center to achieve the true potential of AIOps.