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5 Mistakes to Avoid when Replatforming from Teradata

In this special guest feature, Mike Waas, CEO of Datometry, takes a look at why so many companies are replatforming from Teradata, and the mistakes enterprises should avoid to help them succeed, for example, rewriting ETL when going to the cloud.

Democratizing Coding in a Connected World: Where Low-code/no-code Citizen Developers and Traditional Programmers Can Meet

In this special guest feature, Amy Hodler, Director of Graph Analytics and AI Programs at Neo4j, observes that although challenges may arise when fitting low-code/no-code into an advanced technical stack, companies that embrace the movement will only benefit from bringing on citizen developers who are ready to take on new challenges.

Turning Big Data into better data with MLOps

In this special guest feature, Chida Sadayappan, Lead Specialist for Data Cloud and Machine Learning at Deloitte Consulting, discusses Machine Learning Operations (MLOps). This emerging discipline uses automation to accelerate ingestion of data and to more quickly develop, test, deploy, and monitor cloud machine learning (ML) models that use Big Data. Taken together, these steps comprise governance practices that help ensure the integrity of data throughout its life cycle.

The Next AI Frontier: Business Impact and ROI

In this special guest feature, Thameem Khan, VP of Product Strategy responsible for Platform vision at Boomi, has been watching a new wave of AI companies emerge that focus on providing value to the enterprise with predictions based on business goals. Any other purpose, he argues, turns AI into an expensive science project.

4 Digital Experience Strategies You Need to Consider

In this special guest feature, Garrett Schwegler, Program Manager for Digital Commerce at Lucidworks, offers four strategies you should consider to help you focus and improve the digital experience for your users. More is better—more data, more insights, more happy customers and employees. More can also feel like ‘too much’ if you don’t know where to start.

Why Autonomous AI is (finally) Disrupting Corporate Finance for Good

In this special guest feature, Kunal Verma, CTO and Co-Founder of AppZen, discusses how technology like RPA and AI are having their breakout moments as company leaders realize they are no longer nice to have, but a business-critical tool to stay ahead of the competition.

Want AI to Power your CRM? Then it’s Time to Clean Up your Data

In this special guest feature, Jody Glidden, CEO and Co-Founder of Introhive, discusses the impact of dirty CRM data. Cleaning the data can increase employee productivity and provide the relationship intelligence that will bring companies one step closer to properly implementing AI within their CRM.

The Need for Brands to Invest in Data Analytics

In this special guest feature, Thalya Hamilton, VP of Analytics & Data Science, Quotient, discusses how brands will need to strike the right balance by bringing data and analytics in-house—staffing the right talent and empowering them to lead the way forward—while also finding third-party experts to partner with to strengthen their understanding of that data. This dual approach is key if brands want to succeed in a digital-first world.

How a New AI Mindset for AutoML Will Make Deep Learning More Accessible

In this special guest feature, Yonatan Geifman, CEO & co-founder of Deci, discusses how automated machine learning (or AutoML) can “democratize data science” by gradually implementing different levels of automation.

How AI/ML Can Improve Manufacturing Operations

In this special guest feature, Stuart Gillen, Senior Manager at Kalypso, offers a few ways manufacturing organizations can leverage predictive maintenance to identify potential issues, reduce the occurrence and length of unplanned downtime, and get the most value from assets and budgets.