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How NLP Can Help Healthcare “Catch Up”

In this special guest feature, Simon Beaulah, Senior Director of Healthcare at Linguamatics, discusses how natural language processing (NLP) has become a crucial tool in healthcare and the life sciences as these sectors struggle to catch up to other industries and transform their big data into actionable data.

2017 is the Year IIoT Becomes Normal

In this special guest feature, Saar Yoskovitz, CEO at Augury, explores the efficiencies (both cost and speed) of the IIoT and why the next 12 months will see more companies normalizing IIoT benefits.

A 4-Step Approach to Building your Predictive Analytics Stack

In this special guest feature, Slava Koltovich, CEO at EastBanc Technologies, speaks to the infinite possibilities of cloud-based predictive analytics and provide key strategies companies should consider when building a predictive analytics stack.

Are You Prepared to Recover from a Successful Ransomware Attack?

In this special guest feature, David King, Director of Solution Marketing supporting solution messaging and strategy for Commvault’s Backup, Archive, and Recovery business, offers five policies for enterprises to follow to minimize, if not avoid, damage from a ransomware attack and quickly restore all or most of their data without having to give into an attackers’ demands.

Mobilizing PostgreSQL Databases for Realtime Applications

In this special guest feature, Andrew Konoff, Technical Evangelist at Realm, discusses the benefits of mobilizing Postgres SQL databases for realtime applications.

The Shift to Turn-Key Big Data Intelligence

In this special guest feature, Alex Henthorn-Iwane, Vice President of Marketing at Kentik, suggests that yet we’re still in the early innings of big data, and two major aspects of maturation are defining the future of the industry: the journey from open source to SaaS, and the journey from bespoke business intelligence to real-time operational use cases. These two journeys are related and intertwined.

Analysis Paralysis — How to Turn Big Data into Profits

In this special guest feature, Laks Srinivasan, Co-COO of Opera Solutions, suggests that as the amount of data accumulated by businesses continues to grow, one of the many questions asked by these businesses is ‘how do we harness all this data and turn its insights into profits?’ Easier said than done. Sooner or later, businesses will find themselves confronted with ‘analysis paralysis’ – the inability to extract meaningful or monetary value from data.

Customer Data Underpins Your Company’s Success

In this special guest feature, Tanmaya Varma, Global Head of Industry Solutions at SugarCRM, discusses how data truly is power, but only when it is usable and insightful. For organizations looking to avoid the big data deluge, tools are on hand to help them make the most of their data, rather than becoming overwhelmed by it.

5 Digital Intelligence Rules in the Age of Insights

In this special guest feature, Dan Schoenbaum, CEO at Cooladata, outlines the 5 digital intelligence rules needed to guide you through the Age of Insights.

The Power of Prescriptive and Predictive Analytics

In this special guest feature, Ty Tucker, CEO of REV, discusses predictive and prescriptive analytics, and how they can be used in tandem to achieve the best results for a business.