GE Introduces New Analytics to Advance Electric Grid Operations

GE (NYSE: GE) announced the availability of three new grid analytics that combine domain expertise with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to tackle pressing challenges in electric grid operations. The new portfolio uses data from across transmission and distribution networks to help achieve goals for operational efficiency.

Wind Energy Data? … Hack It!

In this contributed article, Emilien Simonot, Renewable Energies Technology Officer for InnoEnergy, discusses how the wind industry has a long history of innovation, yet rather than having reached its peak, innovation is needed now more than ever. Exploiting data, and building digitalisation into the wind industry’s very business models and technical specifications are key to continued innovation. This article explores the road ahead seeking to understand how data will tie technical and business model innovation together and uses examples of how wind businesses could better connect with customers, improve and innovate new business models, and build bigger and better plants.

Fundamentals in the Oil Field Matter Even More with Big Data

In this contributed article, Shiva Rajagopalan, President and CEO of Seven Lakes Technologies, discusses how big data is being used and what the opportunities are in the billion dollar oil & gas industry. The objective for success is straightforward for the oil and gas operations: bring the usefulness of data out of the office and make it all about the field.

Opportunities for Big Data to Improve Energy Usage Across Industries

In this contributed article, technology writer and blogger Kayla Matthews discusses how a digital transformation is what the energy industry is currently seeing, which will provide an unprecedented amount of information and intel. This shift can, presumably, be used to assess and manage energy usage as well as the operation of large-scale energy providers.

Big Data and Analytics Play an Important Role in the Energy Industry

In this contributed article, Ritesh Mehta, Senior Technical Account Manager for TatvaSoft Australia, discusses how the energy industry is using big data technology to lower energy consumption, look for new sources of renewable energy and boost energy efficiency – are all integral big data goals to protect the environment as well as to sustain economic growth.

Data as a Critical Element in the Discovery and Delivery of Smart Energy

In this contributed article, Jules S. Damji, an Apache Spark Community Evangelist with Databricks, shows how as the value of data continues to grow, the next-generation smart grid should become a reality, benefiting utility companies and consumers alike.

Utilities and Big Data: The Rushed Evolution

In this special guest feature, Ed Cuoco is the Director of Data Science at The Weather Company, takes a look at big data from the perspective of the utility company and how they can no longer serve their own or their stakeholders’ interests without smarter insights at scale and in real time.

Big Data’s Big Impact Coming to Oil and Gas

In this special guest feature, Nav Dhunay, President & CEO at ambyint, presents a high-level view of how Big Data is poised to disrupt the oil & gas industry.

Scaling Home Energy Simulation to New Markets

In this special guest feature, Mark Gately, Senior Manager, Decision Science at Tendril, describes a future when homeowners can use data analytics to accurately model energy consumption and corresponding costs.

Analytics Plus the Internet of Things Add up to Grid Reliability

SAS and OSIsoft are showcasing how predictive analytics from SAS and infrastructure-management software from OSIsoft can transform asset data from IoT connected devices into an optimized grid with the Salt River Project powered by SAS.