Interview: ParStream Analyzes Billions of Records in Less than a Second

“ParStream is a columnar database with a hybrid in-memory storage and a shared nothing architecture. Based on patented algorithms for indexing and compressing data, Parstream uniquely combines three core features: Analyzing billions of records in sub seconds, continuous fast import with up to 1 million rec/s and a flexible, interactive analytics engine with a SQL interface.”

Big Data vs. Small Data – Is there a Difference?

I’ve been monitoring an interesting discussion on the Big Data and Analytics group over on LinkedIn – “Is there a difference between big data and small data?” It is an interesting question, one that I’ve heard before during my travels down in the trenches as I explore our industry.

How to Start Thinking Like a Data Scientist

The benefits of data science pervades the business community with a velocity that can take your breath away. But how might you start traveling down this road if you’re not actually a data scientist? One suggestion is you can start thinking like one! Here’s a very helpful article from the Harvard Business Review blog network, “How to Start Thinking Like a Data Scientist.”

Understanding Your Customer’s Social Influence

The first three installments of the Big Data & Customer Intelligence series focused on predicting and influencing customer behavior and also looking at determining customer value. In this article, we’ll take a look at understanding your customer’s social influence and taking action on that knowledge which is another important element of Computational Marketing.