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Data Scientists Don’t Feel Prepared for the Future

In this special guest feature, PK Agarwal, Regional Dean and CEO at Northeastern University-Silicon Valley, discusses the need to train new data scientists, and the value of continuing education for those already employed in the field.

Big Data – From Cost to Profit Center

In this contributed article by Christian Hasker, Director of DataStax Academy at DataStax, we’ll take a look at how to commoditize big data skills over time and enable CIOs to retrain their staff at a much lower cost, ensuring that the lack of skills in the market doesn’t continue to be a cost inhibitor to adopting big data technologies.

MapR Announces Free Stream Processing On-Demand Training for Real-time Analytics and IoT Applications

MapR Technologies, Inc., provider of the Converged Data Platform, announced at Kafka Summit 2016 it is now offering stream processing training via MapR Academy’s free On-Demand Training program. The new training enables Apache Kafka developers to extend their real-time analytics and Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

Book Review: Why – A Guide to Finding and Using Causes

A new book, “ Why: A Guide to Finding and Using Causes ,” by Stevens Institute of Technology assistant professor of computer science Samantha Kleinberg is a necessary addition to any data scientist’s bookshelf as it helps bring focus to the dreaded “correlation does not imply causation” conundrum that affects our understanding of data-centric problems.

Coursera Announces First MOOC-Based Master’s Degree in Data Science

Coursera, a leading online education company known for massive open online courses (MOOCs), today announced a professional data science master’s degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

New LA-Based Residency Delivers Functional Data Science Education

DataScience, Inc., a technology company that combines the power of human intellect with machine-powered data analysis to drive business results, announced it is opening the doors of the first data science education residency program. Called DS12, this 12-week program will bring 12 highly qualified candidates into the company to learn functional programming and the other skills necessary to succeed as part of a leading data science team.

Qubole Extends Customer Support with New Education Program

Qubole, the big data as-a-service company, announced today it will be extending its customer support services with the launch of Qubole Education, an extensive resource to empower data users throughout an organization with the skills needed to successfully implement a cloud-based data project.

IBM Expands Data Science Education around the World

IBM (NYSE: IBM) is expanding its academic initiative with a new program that infuses its natural-language-based Watson Analytics technology into the classroom to help professors teach students how to turn data into insights without needing in-depth knowledge of data science.

Big Data Trends and Careers

In this contributed article, Dr. Athanasios Gentimis, Assistant Professor of Math and Analytics at Florida Polytechnic University, discusses the new big data analytics industry dedicated to analyzing data to provide context and pattern.

DataCamp Launches Groups Capability to Bring Data Science Skills to People Worldwide

DataCamp, the online data science school, has closed an additional $1 million seed funding round from Accomplice. The money will be used to open a new office in Cambridge, expand the team and launch the new Groups functionality.