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Correlation One Launches to Connect Vetted Data Scientists with Top Employers

Correlation One, a matchmaker for data scientists and employers, announced today its official launch as well as its inaugural NYC Datathon. The company creates standards for evaluating the skills of data scientists via its proprietary portfolio of tests, and presents a “report card” of candidates for employers to help identify the right candidates more efficiently.

The Data Science Industry: Who Does What

Our friends over at DataCamp took a look at this avalanche of data science job postings in an attempt to unravel these cool-sounding and playful job titles into a comparison of different data science related careers. The infographic below, “The Data Science Industry: Who Does What”, summarizes the results.

2014 Data Scientist Salary Survey

An important new research study was recently released that well-serves the needs of the data science professional community – the Burtch Works Study: Data Science Professionals Report. The free report includes a complete overview of the data science profession.

Job of the Week: Big Data Senior Architect at Innovative Development

Innovative Development is seeking a Big Data Senior Architect in our Job of the Week. We have partnered with a major Financial Institution to provide them with a Big Data Solutions Architect in Wilmington, Delaware. The Big Data Solutions Architect will manage the full life-cycle of a Hadoop solution. This includes creating the requirements analysis, the platform selection, design […]

Experfy Launches Data Science Marketplace

Experfy, based at the Harvard Innovation Lab, announced that it has launched a paradigm-changing, online marketplace that will allow industry leaders to solve their Big Data talent needs. Enterprises now have a central platform for on-demand hiring of vetted experts with algorithmic skills and domain knowledge, primarily for short-term projects related to data, analytics and business intelligence.

Using Analytics to Build a Big Data Workforce

Everyone’s talking about hiring data scientists but most pundits continue to focus on skills rather than the mindset required for this challenging role. Talent Analytics CEO Greta Roberts spoke about this topic to a group of data scientists attending the Boston area Big Data Analytics Meetup group on February 4th, 2014.

No Fury Like a Data Scientist Scorned

Here is a quaint story of a data scientist who had a short telephone interview for a position at online dating site and proceeds to flip out when he is rejected.

Meet the Data Scientist: Daniel Gutierrez Profiled in Big Data Republic

“I was doing “data science” long before that name was used — data mining, knowledge discovery in databases, business intelligence, and OLAP are all somewhat deprecated terms,” say Gutierrez. “I’ve always been data-centric in my professional life, which began after my degree program in mathematics/computer science at UCLA. So now with the fancy new monikers like “data science,” “machine learning,” and “big data,” I’m pleased that what I’ve been doing for so long has developed such wide exposure and interest.”

Big Data to Spawn 6 Million Jobs in the Information Economy

Gartner has been warning of a massive shortfall in the number of people with the skills needed to capitalize on the possibilities offered by Big Data.

Big Data: Plenty of Jobs, Shortage of Talent

The demand for big data professionals is far outstripping the supply. There is a shortage of people trained in big data, statistics, business intelligence, and data analytics. According to Newsfactor Business Report, by 2018 the U.S. could face a shortfall at 140,000 workers. A recent survey by CareerBuilder found that “jobs tied to managing and […]