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Advanced Analytics in Three Steps – How to Put Descriptive, Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics to Work for You

In this special guest feature, Will Fellers, Product Manager at Quantum Spatial Inc., explores different types of analytics – descriptive, predictive and prescriptive – and discusses how companies can leverage these tools to drive improvements to their processes and bottom line. To highlight the benefits of these three types of analytics, he will use examples from the utility industry, which relies on these methods for vegetation management.

3 Ways In Which Predictive Analytics is Optimizing Data Leveraging for Service Companies

In this special guest feature, Shahar Chen is the CEO & Co-founder of Aquant, discusses how predictive analytics will reshape service companies in every industry. There are several technical aspects involved in predictive analytics, including data mining, modeling, artificial intelligence and machine learning. For service companies, it could mean huge savings and a reshaping of the industry.

Why Healthcare May Be the Hottest Industry Sector for Data Analysts in 2018

In this contributed article, freelance human Avery Phillips discusses how if you’re a data analyst in search of a secure industry on which to hang your hat, rather than heading to Silicon Valley to join (or begin) a startup, you might consider pursuing work with a local hospital or public health clinic.

Kinetica Partners with NVIDIA and InterWorks to Deliver Supercharged Platform for BI

Kinetica today announced a new solution combining the immense power of NVIDIA DGX Station, the desk side supercomputer, and Kinetica’s GPU-accelerated database to speed up Tableau queries, providing users the ability to make faster data-driven decisions. Available immediately from NVIDIA and Kinetica business partner InterWorks, the new solution allows customers of Tableau, the global leader in visual analytics, to modernize their underlying databases to take full advantage of the valuable insight Tableau provides.

New Relic Announces New Infrastructure Integrations to Help Customers Monitor Workloads On-Premise or in the Cloud

Digital Intelligence leader New Relic, Inc. (NYSE: NEWR) announced an expanded library of integrations with leading infrastructure components and New Relic Infrastructure to bring these services into a single view alongside the applications they support. These new on host integrations—built and supported by New Relic—are with Apache, Cassandra, MySQL, NGINX Plus, RabbitMQ, Redis, and StatsD through an updated release of the New Relic Infrastructure SDK.

Looker Advances Modern Data Platform with Looker 5

At Looker’s annual data conference, JOIN , the company announced Looker 5, its next generation data platform. Looker 5 delivers new levels of power and functionality, including three new types of Looker Blocks that deliver custom visualizations, dedicated tools for complex analyses, and pre- modeled external data sources. It also features Looker’s new Action Hub and a library of 3rd party actions.

How To Spend Less Time Processing Queries And More Time Gaining Insights

In this contributed article, Richard Heyns, CEO of Brytlyt discusses the trend of companies adopting GPU database software and the things they should keep in mind when adopting a GPU database.

Arcadia Data Announces Native Visual Analytics on Real-Time Streaming Data

Arcadia Data, provider of the native visual analytics software for big data, announced upcoming support for KSQL, a new technology for continuous, interactive queries on Kafka topics via SQL, which was announced today by Confluent. The integration gives all users advanced visualizations for streaming data use cases, specifically around alerts and time-based data exploration (and drill downs). The integration will be available in Arcadia Enterprise later this year.

Big Data Law Enforcement and the Rise of Predictive Policing

In this contributed article, freelance human Avery Phillips discusses how big data technology coupled with predictive analytics combine to constitute a new area of law enforcement – predictive policing. While the tension around predictive policing’s ethical validity remains, results seem to be positive enough in preventing crime for it to become a more commonly used method of policing.

Interana Extends Leadership in Analyzing Behavior Across Diverse Data Sources

Interana, a leader in interactive behavioral analytics, announced the general availability of Interana 2.24. Notable features include a new streaming ingest API, JavaScript SDK, and integrations with Segment, mParticle, and Kafka for quicker and simpler data ingest across multiple data sources.