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Hedvig Advances Private, Hybrid and Multi-cloud Storage with New Integrations, Security, and All-flash Capabilities

Hedvig, the company modernizing storage and accelerating enterprise adoption of private and hybrid clouds, announced the availability of the Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform version 3.0, a new release of its software-defined storage (SDS) platform. Innovations in 3.0 include end-to-end integrations, advanced security capabilities and enhancements to its comprehensive suite of caching technologies.

Major Leap Towards Storing Data at the Molecular Level

From smartphones to supercomputers, the growing need for smaller and more energy efficient devices has made higher density data storage one of the most important technological quests. Now scientists at the University of Manchester have proved that storing data with a class of molecules known as single-molecule magnets is more feasible than previously thought.

Database Wars 2.0 – Innovate or Fail

In this special guest feature, Sundar Nathan, Director of Product Marketing at Couchbase, points out the fundamental disruption happening in the $40B database industry and offers a point of view on how the ongoing database wars will shake out. Between legacy relational vendors that represent about 1% of transactions and the NoSQL database companies who have been designed to handle the other 99% of modern workloads (including mobile and IoT data), learn what companies need to think about to continuously revolutionize their businesses in the digital era to avoid becoming obsolete.

Taking Control of System Storage Performance

The Intel Storage Performance Snapshot Tool gives you a fast, high-level look at system storage performance and helps you understand the potential benefits of moving to faster storage. To demonstrate the power of this tool, let’s consider two snapshots while running a MySQL database workload against the same system but with two storage configurations.

Parallel Storage Solutions for Better Performance

Using high performance parallel storage solutions, geologists and researchers can now incorporate larger data sets and execute more seismic and reservoir simulations faster than ever before, enabling higher fidelity geological analysis and significantly reduced exploration risk. To lean more download this white paper.

How to Move a Petabyte of Data to the Cloud in Four Steps

Organizations of all sizes are increasingly using public cloud infrastructure, but those with hundreds of terabytes or petabytes of data find the shift to cloud more complex, disruptive, and inflexible than it is presumed. The business value of cloud storage is desirable, but large data volumes present large challenges for migration, compatibility, and agility. Below are four steps to transition even petabyte-scale data to cloud environments from experts at SwiftStack, a company that powers hybrid cloud storage for enterprises.

Building a More Logical Data Warehouse with a Data Vault

In this special guest feature, Mark Madsen, President of Third Nature Inc. discusses the rise of the data vault as a database modeling method that provides long-term historical storage of data from multiple operational systems and enables users to look at historical data that deals with issues such as auditing, and trace data to determine where it originated.

The State of Graph Databases – Worldwide Adoption and Use Case Characteristics

A new paper, “The State of Graph Databases – Worldwide Adoption and Use Case Characteristics,” provides an overview of graph technology, details the results of a new IBM survey—and highlights findings that debunk some of the most popularly held views about graph technology.

WhereScape Announces Cloud Data Warehouse Automation for Snowflake

WhereScape, a leading provider of data infrastructure automation software, announced WhereScape automation for Snowflake, an offering designed to help IT organizations speed up the delivery of cloud-based data infrastructure projects.

IBM Just Made a Huge Advancement in Media Technology

In this contributed article, technology writer and blogger Kayla Matthews takes a quick tour of big data storage technology offerings in light of the new announcement by IBM and Sony that just broke the world record for most gigabits per square inch on magnetic tape. The new record is 201 gigabits — 20 times more than what fits on current commercial tape drives.