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Reality Bites: 3 Misconceptions that Can Lead to Microservice Mayhem

In this contributed article, Eric D. Schabell, Global Technology Evangelist and Portfolio Architect Director at Red Hat, discusses how microservices are core to organizations’ flexibility and agility in the digital world. But that doesn’t mean that microservices are right for every use case or even for every organization—at least, not right now.

Tomorrow’s Machine Learning Today: Topological Data Analysis, Embedding, and Reinforcement Learning

In this contributed article, editorial consultant Jelani Harper highlights how certain visual approaches of graph aware systems will significantly shape the form machine learning takes in the near future, exponentially increasing its value to the enterprise. Developments in topological data analysis, embedding, and reinforcement learning are not only rendering this technology more useful, but much more dependable for a broader array of use cases.

How Analytics is Changing the Game for Sports – and Academia

In this contributed article, Darin W. White, Ph.D., Executive Director, Center for Sports Analytics at Samford University, discusses how big data has given rise to the sports analytics major at Samford University. He explains how students are leveraging data sets to help sports organizations drive team efficiencies by informing recruitment strategy and in-game decision making and increase revenue primarily by better engaging their fans.

Businesses Building AI Applications Are Shifting to Open Infrastructure

In this special guest feature, Ami Badani, CMO of Cumulus Networks, suggests that as AI requires a lot of data to train algorithms in addition to immense compute power and storage to process larger workloads when running these applications, IT leaders are fed up with forced, expensive and inefficient infrastructure, and as a result they are turning to open infrastructure to enable this adoption, ultimately transforming their data centers.

AI Usage in Banking is Forcing the Conversation around the Ethical Use of Data

In this contributed article, Lisa Shields, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at FISPAN, dives into the ethical considerations banks must take into account when developing AI, and how they can do so responsibly. With the right business practices in place, banks can reap the benefits of AI while keeping customers in control of their data and protected from its misuse.

Busting the 5 Common Myths Business Leaders Get Wrong About AI

In this special guest feature, Nikolas Kairinos, CEO and co-founder of Prospex and Fountech, takes a look at the 5 common myths business leaders get wrong about AI. Every organisation should consider the potential impact of this technology on its strategy, and how it can be utilised to solve problems that it faces. But more importantly, it’s essential that business leaders educate themselves about AI and the many ways they can reap the rewards of integrating it into their organisation.

Vaccines Are Being Created By AI: Here’s How

In this contributed article, tech blogger Caleb Danziger discusses how medical researchers have begun using AI in a bid to reduce long drug development times and prevent costly failures. Now, these efforts are beginning to produce real results. A team of medical researchers from Australia’s Flinders University have designed an AI that has, for the first time, created a drug entirely by itself.

Healthcare APIs & Artificial Intelligence: What’s the Big Data Connection?

In this contributed article, freelance human Avery Phillips discusses how healthcare APIs, along with AI, is on the brink of revolutionizing healthcare. However, in order for breakthroughs such as predictive analysis to take place, the connection must be made to big data.

AI Hype: Why the Reality Often Falls Short of Expectations

In this special guest feature, AJ Abdallat, CEO of Beyond Limits, takes a look at the tech industry’s hype cycle, in particular how it often falls short of expectations when related to artificial intelligence. The concept of artificial intelligence has existed for more than 60 years, and modern AI systems are revolutionizing how people live and work. However, conventional AI solutions do not use the technology to its fullest potential.

What Happens When the Spin Doctors Adopt Machine Learning? The Future of PR

In this special guest feature, Michael Burke, Director of Science & Technology at MSR Communications, takes a look at the state of the PR industry and its growing relationship with data science and machine learning technology. Machine learning may not replace the art of PR anytime soon, but there are countless areas where machine learning can refine and support the intuition and creativity that is critical to PR.