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CLEW Medical Unveils Its AI Predictive Platform, Leveraging Untapped Patient Data to Provide Actionable Tracking for Patients at Risk

CLEW Medical, formerly known as Intensix, is launching its AI predictive-analytics platform to prevent life threatening complications in all care settings, using real-time data and machine learning technology. Already proven in the ICU, CLEW’s platform provides medical staff and healthcare administrators with actionable clinical, operational and financial insights to streamline medical care.

5 Misconceptions About Data Science

In this contributed article, technology writer and blogger Kayla Matthews examines the 5 most common misconceptions floating around about data science and what project administrators and business managers need to be aware of. Remember these tips before getting involved, and be sure to do the necessary research. With the right people and knowledge on your side, you’ll be on your way in no time, rocketing to success.

The heroic Data Engineer – Lending a Helping Hand to Data Drowned Scientists

In this contributed article, Ida Jessie Sagina, a content marketing specialist at Mobius Knowledge Services, discusses the important role of the data engineer in today’s enterprise, and how to lay those data pipes and save the lives of drowning analysts and data scientists.

Enabling Data-Driven Care Decisions with a 360-degree Patient View

In this special guest feature, Eric Sullivan, Senior Vice President, Innovation & Data Strategies at Inovalon, describes how data-driven platforms and patient-specific analytic insights drive meaningful impact in clinical and quality outcomes, utilization efficiency and financial performance for payers, providers, ACOs, pharma/life sciences, device manufacturers and patients.

BioSymetrics Launches Augusta™ to Revolutionize AI in Biomedicine

BioSymetrics, Inc., a technology company that aims to transform data analytics for the biomedical industry, announced the launch of its pre-processing and analytics platform, Augusta. Augusta is a proprietary technology that allows standardized processing and integration of multiple, diverse raw data types, facilitating rapid deployment of AI projects in precision medicine, drug discovery, and health data applications.

“Intelligent Storage” Market Survey Shows Growing Problem Moving Large Data Sets for a Variety of Applications

G2M Research, an analyst firm covering the Non-Volatile Memory Express® (NVMe) marketplace, released the results of its recent survey on the need for “Intelligence storage” for applications with large data sets. The survey, sponsored by NGD Systems, was conducted across 112 respondents from organizations involved in Big Data, artificial intelligence/machine learning, and Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

KLM Using Artificial Intelligence Within Its Social Media Service

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is taking the next step in using artificial intelligence (AI) within its social media service. KLM worked with AI frontrunner, DigitalGenius, to add automated answers to general repetitive questions from customers without the intervention of a human service agent.

2017 Data Year in Review, and Data Realities You Can’t Ignore in 2018

In this contributed article, Dr. Ken Sanford, the US lead Analytics Architect for Dataiku, takes a look at the biggest trends in data in 2017 and how they impacted not only those companies, but their customers and the world, and also how in 2018, we will certainly see new technologies throughout the different parts of the big data ecosystem.

4 Ways to Use Big Data in Employee Training

In this contributed article, freelance technology journalist Josh McAllister discusses how the demand for data scientists and better big data tools have been on the rise for some time as it encompasses more business functions. One of these is employee training. The data produced in skills development can be analyzed to increase training efficiency. Here are some of the areas where big data can save your company time and money in your training processes.

Unstructured Data for the Software Driven World

In this special guest feature, Anthony Goonetilleke, Chief Technologist & Head of Product at Amdocs, observes how the world is built on unstructured data and the first service providers and enterprise vendors that can traverse through its lakes will get a seat at the table. It’s no longer about feature sets that work for today. Business models are changing fast and software is at the heart. Businesses must adopt an approach to their data that allows them to create a service foundation that can scale, expand, and support future decision making.