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Data Visualization is the study of the visual representation of big volumes of data. The main goal of data visualization is to communicate information clearly and effectively through graphical means. Learn about big data visualization products and strategies through these articles from the editorial experts at insideBIGDATA

Current-Day Problems with Analytic Rendering: Why an Open Standard is Needed and What an API Design Could Look Like

In this contributed article, Khronos Group discusses how visualization applications simply describe objects in a scene to be rendered to gain portable access to a range of rendering back-end implementations. But with a successful analytic rendering open standard, technologists will be able to access a wider, more diverse range of rendering capabilities and engines.

Interview: Nancy Duarte, Author and CEO of Duarte, Inc.

I recently caught up with Nancy Duarte, CEO of Duarte, Inc. and author of DataStory: Explain Data and Inspire Action Through Story to discuss her views on a topic that’s critical to successful data science projects – data storytelling. Nancy has contributed her expertise to MIT and Forbes and is a regular contributor to Harvard Business Review and Linkedin’s Influencer Program and can be heard on Lewis Howes, Art of Charm and Entrepreneur on Fire. She has an engaged following of 235,000+.

RPI Student Team Phase 1 Winner for Data Visualization Competition with “Mortality Minder” App

An app created by Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute students that identifies social conditions contributing to declining life expectancy at a community level is a Phase 1 winner in a data visualization competition sponsored by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Free Data Set Archive Helps Researchers Quickly find a Needle in a Haystack

Called the UCR Spatio-temporal Active Repository, or UCR STAR, the archive is made available as a service to the research community to provide easy access to large spatio-temporal data sets through an interactive exploratory interface. Users can search and filter those data sets as if shopping for their research, except that everything is free.

Visualizing Disparities: How Mapping and Big Data Can Provide Insight into Social Equity Indicators

In this special guest feature, Ragi Burhum, CEO and Cofounder of AmigoCloud, a mapping platform, offering collaborative mobile applications and BigGeodata analysis, discusses how we live in a world where the richest one percent own 45 percent of the global wealth. Everyone from scientists to politicians have been grappling with this growing inequality gap, trying to pinpoint why certain groups of people, and certain communities, amass unprecedented levels of wealth, while others do not. However, thanks to advancements in mapping and big data, experts are now finding answers, or at least uncovering root causes.

New Way of Looking at Data Can Help Improve College Enrollment Insights and Student Retention

In this contributed article, Taylor Riggs, Director of Data Visualization and Customer Success at GlyphEd, observes that every day, more colleges and universities are using data analytics to improve their admissions and student success metrics. But as the amount of student and organizational data increases, it can be hard to find the “needle in the haystack.” Enter the glyph, a unique way of holistically visualizing all the data known about a student – allowing enrollment teams to see more and know more, faster.

Data Visualization: Blending Art and Science to Tell Data Stories

In this special guest feature, Caitlin Willich, Associate Partner, Technology, Media and Entertainment at Clarity Insights, discusses how data visualization will continue to increase in importance as the amount of data the enterprise deals with grows. We need to develop teams capable of translating that data into stories our executives can understand and execute on.

Visualization Best Practices for Business Analysts

In this contributed article, freelance human Avery Phillips discusses what you need to know about ensuring visualization is an asset and not a point of confusion for an organization. What visualization does is clarify what would often otherwise be complicated and murky given the way that large amounts of data can be hard to classify.

Datorama Launches Data Canvas – AI-supported Data Visualization for More Impactful Marketing Analytics

Datorama, a global technology company, announced the launch of Data Canvas, a suite of new data visualization capabilities within its Marketing Intelligence platform. Datorama Data Canvas leverages the power of artificial intelligence (AI) in a brand new way — to help marketers create expert-designed dashboards to tell compelling, data-driven stories.

How to Improve Workplace Innovation with Interactive Visualization of Big Data

In this contributed article, Simon Harris-Briggs, responsible for promoting the Avocor brand across Europe and the Middle East, discusses how visualization is the most compelling way to get employees to engage with data. Though data visualization has mostly been static to date, interactive data visualization is growing in popularity.