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Lattice Semiconductor Developers Conference

Event Description: The Lattice Developers Conference is a three-day virtual event building on the strong customer and partner ecosystem momentum created by the company’s fastest growing product portfolio in its history. The event will feature keynote and breakout sessions, technical trainings, and demonstrations with ecosystem partners and industry leaders that explore the latest trends, opportunities, and low power FPGA-based solutions for AI, security, robotics, and advanced connectivity applications, and more.

Event Time and Date: December 5 – 7, 2023, 8:30 am – 5 pm PST

Featured Speakers:

    • Jim Anderson, President and CEO, Lattice Semiconductor
    • Esam Elashmawi, Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer, Lattice Semiconductor
    • Eleena Ong, Vice President Worldwide Applications, Lattice Semiconductor
    • Dan Mansur, Vice President Product Marketing, Lattice Semiconductor


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  • Tue

    IoT Health Care Conference

    8:00 amTortonto, Canada

    IoT HEalthcare copy(1)

    Sensors, mobile devices and related technologies are presenting new opportunities and risks for business. Collectively known as the Internet of Things (IoT), this broad terms covers all non-computer and non-phone Internet connected devices.

    Healthcare environments produce tremendous amount of information because of their process, engagement of multiple players and high volume of users. That data is only going to increase as baby-boomers reach retirement age, requiring better and more frequent healthcare services. With large cohorts of ageing population and ageing infrastructure, service delivery becomes expensive and difficult for cities and governments. Automating systems through utilization of IoT, Big Data, M2M tools and technologies presents great opportunity to reduce operating costs significantly, utilize those savings more effectively and provide better services to communities.

    IoT Healthcare is an umbrella event which will encompass IoT, Big Data and Machine to Machine (M2M). The objective of the conference is to bring whole healthcare industry under one roof to understand the opportunities and challenges that IoT technologies and tools present. Physicians, health providers, staff and patients are one side of this prism. Hospitals, healthcare institutions and regulators are another. A third side is pharmaceutical, contractors, equipment manufacturers and operators. Needs and challenges faced by each of these are unique as are the opportunities to improve services, systems and to reduce or stabilize costs.

    • Conservative estimates put IoT market at US $15 Trillion in 10 years time
    • North America represents 26% of global IoT economy which puts Canadian market at around $17 billion and expected to grow to over $300 Billion in the next 10 years.
    • Healthcare is worth $117 billion and expected to grow to over $1.7 trillion in the ten years.