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Lattice Semiconductor Developers Conference

Event Description: The Lattice Developers Conference is a three-day virtual event building on the strong customer and partner ecosystem momentum created by the company’s fastest growing product portfolio in its history. The event will feature keynote and breakout sessions, technical trainings, and demonstrations with ecosystem partners and industry leaders that explore the latest trends, opportunities, and low power FPGA-based solutions for AI, security, robotics, and advanced connectivity applications, and more.

Event Time and Date: December 5 – 7, 2023, 8:30 am – 5 pm PST

Featured Speakers:

    • Jim Anderson, President and CEO, Lattice Semiconductor
    • Esam Elashmawi, Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer, Lattice Semiconductor
    • Eleena Ong, Vice President Worldwide Applications, Lattice Semiconductor
    • Dan Mansur, Vice President Product Marketing, Lattice Semiconductor


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  • Mon

    Data Modeling Zone (DMZ)

    Hartford, CT

    Data Modeling Zone (DMZ) is the annual conference in the US and in Europe where you can sharpen your data modeling skills, share experiences with other data professionals, and shape our data modeling industry. DMZ US contains over 50 sessions crossing five tracks: Foundational Data Modeling, Requirements and Communication, Big Data and Architecture, Hands-On and Case Studies, and Advanced Data Modeling.

    • Learn from leading data experts such as Silverston, Celko, Inmon, Giles, Hoberman, as well as from many experts in the fields of data science, NoSQL, facilitation, and enterprise architecture
    • Practice NoSQL modeling and take hands-on courses in building document, graph, and triple-store databases.
    • Fine-tune your requirements and communications skills by completing sessions on facilitation, storytelling, flow-based leadership, and negotiation.
    • Take any CDMP certification exam including the data modeling certification.
    • Bring new data modeling techniques back to your organization such as data vault, ELF-modeling, FCO-IM, COMN, Modelstorming, and Ensemble.
    • Benefit from Discover Financial, Country Fire Authority, CNO Financial Group, PACCAR, Southcoast Health, and Microsoft case studies.
    • Strengthen the symbiotic relationship between data modeling and architecture within your organization through architecture and enterprise modeling sessions.
    • Explore how data modeling enables data strategy and data governance.

    There's an interesting connection here to the insurance industry and the conference would be value added for insurance professionals. There are so many regulations in the insurance industry in areas such as privacy and auditing and the only way to make sure an insurance company is compliant with these rules is to understand the data, which is where data modeling comes in.   Register here.