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  • Wed

    Big Data Analytics for Defence

    Millennium and Copthorne Hotels, Scarsdale Place Kensington, London W8 5SR

    Big Data has the potential to revolutionise the modern world, and advances in Artificial Intelligence, data acquisition and machine learning systems have fundamentally changed the way organisations operate across every sector. Having witnessed the vast capabilities of these systems in the civilian environment, defence organisations worldwide are now dedicating vast resources to developing a similar proficiency – turning to commercial experts for experience and guidance.

    While it is clear that these systems will fundamentally change the way in which the world’s militaries deploy and operate, how these systems will be developed remains unclear - leaving senior leaders across the globe faced by the same question: What does the military look like in the age of big data?

    IQPC’s inaugural Big Data for Defence conference, is tailored to answering this question. Combining the experiences of global research leaders, leading defence R&D institutions, senior commanders shaping the future of the armed forces and veterans of big data from the commercial sector, this conference will determine the future of big data and Artificial Intelligence in defence, and define your role in building the new shape of the world’s Armed Forces.