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  • Tue

    Ray Summit 2021 - Scalable ML and Python


    This is a three-days, free virtual interactive event. Ray Summit brings together developers, AI&ML engineers, data scientists & architects to build scalable AI and machine learning systems. Topics include:

    * Top AI and Machine Learning trends.
    * ML in production & MLOps.
    * Deep Learning & Reinforcement learning.
    * End-to-End AutoML, Distributed XGBoost and Massive-scale ML.
    * Building highly available & scalable application in the cloud
    * Petabyte-Scale Data Lake
    * Cloud computing, serverless & more.

    Featured Speakers include:

    * Pieter Abbeel, Professor, UC Berkeley.
    * Eric Brewer, Google Fellow and Professor Emeritus, UC Berkeley.
    * Marvin Theimer, Distinguished Engineer, Amazon Web Services.
    * Matt Johnson, Research Scientist, Google Brain.
    * Dawn Song, Professor EECS, UC Berkeley.
    * Sarah Bird, Principal Program Manager, Azure AI Microsoft.
    * Sahika Genc, Principal Applied Scientist, Amazon AI.
    * Michael Mui, Senior Software Engineer, Uber ML.
    * Raghu Ganti, Principal Research Staff Member, IBM.
    * Wei Chen, Deep Learning Software Engineer, NVIDIA.
    * Edi Palencia, Principal AI Engineer, Microsoft.
    * and 50 more