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Big Data Sparks Business for Containerized Data Centers

Over at Information Week, Kevin Fogarty writes that Big Data growth has more companies adopting containerized data centers and other solutions to meet storage demands. Demand is growing so quickly that data center construction projects are getting backed up or delayed at unprecedented rates, according to Data Center Journal. As a result, record numbers of […]

DDN Named Datacenter Platform Partner of the Year at Intel Technology Partner Awards, Recognizing its Market Leadership at Scale

DataDirect Networks (DDN®) announced that it received the Intel® Technology Partner of the Year award for Datacenter Platform. DDN was honored for the creation and success of its Infinite Memory Engine® (IME®) SSD enabling product family, which leverages Intel technologies and allows customers to accelerate time to insight, and simplify workflows and applications in on premise, hybrid and cloud environments.

Harvard Ash Center Releases Report Charting New and Revolving Role of Chief Data Officers in Cities

The Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation at Harvard Kennedy School released a white paper by Innovations in American Government Fellow Jane Wiseman highlighting the relatively new and evolving role of chief data officers in cities and states across the country in working to improve social outcomes through data-driven government. “Lessons From Leading CDOs: A Framework for Better Civic Analytics,” examines lessons learned from CDOs in America’s biggest cities.

Big Data – From Cost to Profit Center

In this contributed article by Christian Hasker, Director of DataStax Academy at DataStax, we’ll take a look at how to commoditize big data skills over time and enable CIOs to retrain their staff at a much lower cost, ensuring that the lack of skills in the market doesn’t continue to be a cost inhibitor to adopting big data technologies.

Machine Learning Converts Big Data from Cost Center to Profit Center

In this special guest feature, Rebecca Scully, marketing manager at Dato, discusses how data growth lays the foundation for machine learning to power intelligent applications that adapt to your needs and squeeze insight, revenue and value from data.

What Big Data Can Do For Your Contact Center?

In this special guest feature, Nishant Kadian of The Real PBX, talks about the possible contributions of big data for the contact center industry.

Big Data in Biosciences and Health Care is Focus of New UCLA Research Center

A new research institute at UCLA may eventually provide doctors with tools to more accurately tailor medicines for individual patients, which could both improve quality of care and minimize the side effects associated with today’s medicine.

5 Reasons Data Analytics in the Cloud Will Take Center Stage in 2015

In this special guest feature, Dave Wang of Databricks enumerates the main reasons that data analytics in the cloud are becoming a top priority for enterprises in 2015.

Video: HP's Data-centric Datacenters for Exascale and Big Data

In this video from the HPC Advisory Council Switzerland Conference, Patrick Demichel from HP presents: DCDC for Exascale and Big Data. Information will be the most valuable resource in the 21st century. Operating on large volumes of diverse data sources to get the right actionable insights at the right time presents new challenges and opportunities […]

Slidecast: Grid Engine for ARMv7 Opens the Door for Energy Efficient Datacenters of the Future

In this slidecast, Gary Tyreman from Univa discusses the new Univa Grid Engine for ARMv7 Release. As HPC and Big Data infrastructure design continues to converge, this platform could be a stepping stone to the future. Driven by the demand for new datacenter services to support mobile and cloud computing, ARM will continue to gain […]