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Advanced Analytics: Moving Toward AI, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing

There is a lot of excitement in the market about artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and natural language processing (NLP). Overall, one thing is clear—organizations that are utilizing these technologies now are gaining value. Download the new TDWI Best Practices Report, courtesy of SAS, to learn more about the latest innovations in advanced analytics. 

Advanced Analytics, The Modern Marketer’s Best Friend

In this whitepaper, you’ll learn how advanced analytics has the potential to transform the ways in which segmentation for marketing purposes is accomplished. It starts with a look at traditional segmentation methods and then moves on to exploring how advanced analytics (model-based segmentation) can change the game. Then you’ll explore a few marketing & analytics use cases in various industries. Lastly, you’ll examine the methodologies needed to implement model based segmentation in the real world.