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Cazena Announces New Data Science Sandbox as a Service

Cazena unveiled its Data Science Sandbox as a Service. The service is designed to deliver significantly faster outcomes from data science and analytics programs. Now, data scientists can run a wide range of analytics in a flexible cloud environment without having to build, manage or maintain the underlying technology.

Talena Enhances Security Features and Expands Cloud Support

Talena, the always-on big data pioneer, enhances its award-winning big data management platform with expanded cloud support and key security features.

Big Data Platforms: Eckerson Group

At the heart of a big data environment is a big data platform, which does all the heavy lifting recquired to capture, store, transform, and govern large volumes of multi-structured data at high speeds. Big Data platforms process data in batch or real time using both relational and non-relational database engines, languages, components, and techniques.