Why CIOs Should Care About Blockchain

In this contributed article, Maria Colgan, distinguished product manager on the database team at Oracle, discusses how blockchain is starting to play a big – and growing – role in her work-life, and the world of databases where she spend much of her time. Blockchain is about much more than the Bitcoins of the world; its fundamental attributes of security, authenticity (what Blockchain folks call “immutability”), and strict recording of events can be applied to many applications, from financial data to contracts like property titles or government records.  

2021 Trends in Blockchain: Mainstream Adoption at Last

In this contributed article, editorial consultant Jelani Harper believes that mainstream adoption of blockchain is surely coming, both at the consumer and enterprise levels. In all likelihood, momentum in one of these domains will spur that in the other. At this point, cryptocurrencies are still the forerunners of this technology, particularly with the foregoing methods to redress measures for data privacy and oversight.

Blockchain Supercharged with AI: The Next Revolution?

In this contributed article, InWara Business Analyst Gregory S. Mathew, discusses the convergence of blockchain and AI and how recent developments in big data has created a conducive environment for the amalgamation of these technologies.

Data Privacy and Blockchain in the Age of IoT

In this contributed article, freelance human Avery Phillips discusses how transparency is a foundation of blockchain technology, and one of its greatest assets when it comes to the healthcare industry and HIPAA compliance. This is where blockchain, big data, and IoT collide — big data analytics requires quality, accurate input.

Google’s New Big Data View of Ethereum: What to Know

In this contributed article, technology writer and blogger Kayla Matthews discusses how Google wants to make all blockchain data associated with Ethereum easily accessible for people to study. It’s doing that by making all Ethereum data sets available through BigQuery, Google’s enterprise-level and highly scalable data warehouse geared towards data analysts.

Fluree PBC Moves from Successful Beta to a Full Production Release with FlureeDB Enterprise Blockchain Database

Fluree P.B.C. officially moved FlureeDB – its flagship blockchain database product – from beta program to production release on August 22nd, 2018. FlureeDB can run internally as a highly-performant graph database to power standard business applications, but can also be distributed and decentralized – in its entirety – across an established network of participants known as a “permissioned blockchain.”

Bottos Creates a New Marketplace for Data in the AI Ecosystem

Bottos is poised to boost innovation in the AI ecosystem by creating a new decentralized P2P data sharing network. The Bottos Data Marketplace utilizes blockchain technology to provide a marketplace to connect artificial intelligence companies and data providers. For Bottos, it’s a simple equation: Blockchain + Data x AI.

As a Data Scientist, Do You Have to Start Worrying About Blockchain Any Time Soon?

In this contributed article, Smita Adhikary, Managing Consultant at Big Data Analytics Hires, provides a look into Blockchain technology and what it means for the data scientist. When you hear something repeated as frequently and as religiously as the term Blockchain is these days, you cannot help but wonder – am I immune to it’s onslaught?

How Web3.0 Can Become a Safe Haven for Private Data?

In this contributed article, Evgeny Ponomarev, CEO of Fluence, suggests that it’s almost impossible to talk about Web3.0 without digging into blockchain and the surrounding crypto tech. The reason for this is simple. In the pre-crypto era, the dream of a decentralized web, controlled by people rather than governments or corporations, was just that, a dream. While Bitcoin’s or Ethereum’s success as a new currency is questionable, what it really did was tip the fragile balance. For the first time we saw a live demonstration of a decentralized network. But what the dream needs now is infrastructure.

When BlockChain Meets IoT – All the Lowdown You Need

In this contributed article, blogger and blockchain technology expert Harsh Agrawal discusses several ways blockchain has already begun disrupting industries that are using IoT. About 20% of all IoT enabled devices shall have basic level Blockchain services enabled in them in 2019. That said, there would be more devices that will be will be able to send data to private ledgers.