How Astera Labs is Revolutionizing Semiconductor Product Development—100% in the Cloud

For any established semiconductor product developer, designing a next-generation PCIe 5.0 chipset in less than a year is no small feat. For a brand-new startup with no compute infrastructure other than laptops, however, it is a huge ask. That’s why, with time being of the essence, Astera Labs decided to take a chance on the efficiencies it would gain from a 100% cloud-based approach.

Will Artificial Intelligence Spark a Chip Cambrian Explosion?

In this feature article, insideBIGDATA’s Managing Editor and Resident Data Scientist, Daniel D. Gutierrez, explores the recent resurgence of the field of artificial intelligence (AI) that has upended the leadership positions of the biggest players in the global chip market. It turns out that AI benefits from specific types of processors that perform operations in parallel, and this fact opens up tremendous opportunities for newcomers. The question is – are we seeing the start of a Cambrian Explosion of start-up companies designing specialized AI chips?