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Cloud Database Trends Survey: Key Cloud Benefits of Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) for Cloud Migration

MariaDB® Corporation announced key findings from its Cloud Database Trends Survey that shows no one’s staying behind as businesses move forward with database migration to the cloud. Those surveyed included IT Heads, DBAs and software developers, all of whom had some responsibility for the selection and management of databases—and all said their business’ cloud database migration was in place, in progress or planned.

The Future of the DBMS Market Is Cloud

This Gartner whitepaper, sponsored by Striim, offers a glimpse for where databases are headed: “The Future of the DBMS Market Is Cloud.” Database management system deployments and innovations are increasingly cloud-first or cloud-only. Data and analytics leaders selecting DBMS solutions must accept that cloud DBMS is the future and must plan for shifting spending, staffing and development accordingly.