To Improve Enterprise Visibility, Shine a Light on Dark Data and Shadow IT

In this contributed article, Danny Sandwell, Director of Product Marketing, erwin by Quest Software, discusses how defeating and eliminating dark data requires creating a strategy of enterprise visibility that empowers all users – whether IT, DevOps or line-of-business – to get insight into their IT environment, identify pain points and control over the data crucial to their work.

Dark Data is Only the Tip of the Iceberg

In this contributed article, Ronen Korman, Founder and Co-CEO at, explores the problem of dark data through the prism of known and unknown unknowns, as used in intelligence analysis. Dark data is a known variable with an unknown value, as the exact benefits of its exploration are often unclear. True business value may in fact lie in the unknown unknowns, the data that the company has access to, but is not collecting at all due to a lack of a broader strategic outlook.

The Parallel Universe of Dark Data and Dark Matter

In this contributed article, David Gingell, Chief Marketing Officer for Seal Software, takes a look at how all of the hype around dark data and AI-driven dark-analytics is missing the first crucial step, which is to identify what is real and what is useful, and for what application. While it may sound exciting, using AI to automatically process vast amounts of data in ultra-fast operations is not going to provide much insight.

Datawatch Brings “Data Socialization” to Self-Service Analytics

Datawatch Corporation (NASDAQ-CM: DWCH) announced its strategic vision and product road map for making “data socialization” a reality for all business users of self-service data preparation.