Lightning AI Introduces Lightning AI Studios; its Enterprise-Grade Platform for Rapid-prototyping, and Deploying AI Products

Lightning AI, the company behind PyTorch Lightning, with over 91 million downloads, announced the introduction of Lightning AI Studios, the culmination of 3 years of research into the next generation development paradigm for the age of AI.

Largest Data Engineering Survey Reports on Adoption of Modern Data Stack Tools

Airbyte, creators of a fast-growing open-source data integration platform, made available results of the biggest data engineering survey in the market which provides insights into the latest trends, tools, and practices in data engineering – especially adoption of tools in the modern data stack. Its first worldwide State of Data survey displays results in an interactive format so that anyone can drill further into the information using filters to see, for example, adoption patterns by organization size.

DataOps Engineer Will Be the Sexiest Job in Analytics

In this contributed article, Christopher Bergh, a Founder and Head Chef at DataKitchen, discusses how DataOps, is transforming the roles on the data analytics team. DataOps is a better way to develop and deliver analytics. It applies Agile development, DevOps and lean manufacturing principles to data analytics producing a transformation in data-driven decision making.

Dremio Launches Free Online Training Courses for Data Engineers, Analysts, and Data Scientists

Dremio, the Data-as-a-Service Platform company, announced Dremio University, a free online training program for data engineers, analysts, and data scientists. Each Dremio University track is designed to solve today’s data challenges and help maximize the potential of Dremio’s Data-as-a-Service platform.

The heroic Data Engineer – Lending a Helping Hand to Data Drowned Scientists

In this contributed article, Ida Jessie Sagina, a content marketing specialist at Mobius Knowledge Services, discusses the important role of the data engineer in today’s enterprise, and how to lay those data pipes and save the lives of drowning analysts and data scientists.