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Thinking about Privacy in the Fight Against COVID-19

In this contributed article, Guy Cohen, Head of Policy at Privitar, unpacks the process of location data and how it’s being used to combat coronavirus but falling short in privacy considerations, and calls for action from data privacy and IT leaders to ensure the steps we take in analyzing location data are necessary, well governed and time limited through transparency and choice, data minimalization, purpose limitation and anonymization.

Protecting Data Privacy in the Era of Digital Trading

In this contributed article, front end developer Gary Stevens observes that borderless investment platforms often removes regulations and oversight from the equation. This can have disastrous consequences when it places copious amounts of investor data and account information out in cyberspace, widens the attack surface, and increases the number of ways that hackers can access and sell or use that information.

Who Tracks You While You Travel and What Happens With That Data?

In this contributed article, Magnolia Potter ponders the questions: who is tracking you when you take a vacation or go on a business trip? How is your data used, and what can you do to regain some control over how you’re tracked and what information is being collected? Being aware of how your data is collected can help you be more conscious of your behaviors while traveling.

New Io-Tahoe White Paper Designed to Help Prepare for CCPA

There’s no denying it. Big data, and the resulting applications and technology have not only made consumers’ lives easier, but have also created new revenue streams for enterprises across all sectors. That said, the explosion of data has also created concerns around data privacy and cyber security, and has gotten the attention of regulators. Download the new report, “6 Steps: Getting Ready for CCPA,” courtesy of Io-Tahoe, to learn more about today’s new data privacy regulations to better protect your enterprise.

Data Privacy and Blockchain in the Age of IoT

In this contributed article, freelance human Avery Phillips discusses how transparency is a foundation of blockchain technology, and one of its greatest assets when it comes to the healthcare industry and HIPAA compliance. This is where blockchain, big data, and IoT collide — big data analytics requires quality, accurate input.

6 Steps: Getting Ready for CCPA

Within the past few years, there has been growing concern about the need to manage and protect an individual’s personal data. States such as California are enacting legislation for data protection, like the California Consumer Protection Act of 2018 (CCPA). Download the new white paper from Io-Tahoe that presents some suggestions for ensuring that your organization is prepared for implementing auditable and reportable compliance with the CCPA. 

Big Data and Big Brother: New Tech to Be Aware Of

In this contributed article, technology writer and blogger Kayla Matthews discusses a number of new big data technology areas that should raise awareness in terms of privacy. The crucial thing for people to remember is that today’s technology has built-in features that compromise privacy and could give users’ details to the government without their knowledge.