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Octopai Transforms Business Intelligence with Metadata Search Engine

Octopai introduces a cloud-based metadata search engine tool to provide Business Intelligence (BI) groups with full visibility and control of metadata that is scattered across many different BI systems within an organization. By centralizing and automating metadata, Octopai enables BI groups to quickly and accurately discover and govern shared metadata. By taking the guesswork out of […]

Lucidworks Fusion 3 Enables Teams to Build Enterprise Search Apps Easier and Faster

Lucidworks, a leader in enterprise search solutions, today announced Fusion 3, its updated application development platform. With the Fusion 3 release, organizations get greater operational simplicity, an accessible user interface, and query simulation capabilities, accelerating a search application’s time-to-value to quickly deploy powerful search apps that index all your data and give end users a compelling, productive experience.