Businesses Seek Better Access to Data to Support Environmental Objectives, Bright Data Research Reveals

Bright Data, a leader in innovating solutions to make public web data accessible to all, has released research that highlights the continued shift towards sustainability and the crucial role web data will play in this. Achieving sustainable goals is important for businesses, no matter the industry they operate in, and the research, carried out by Vanson Bourne, found that almost two-thirds (60%) of businesses said environmental considerations are very important to the way their business operates.

AI Under the Hood: Object Detection Model Capable of Identifying Floating Plastic Beneath the Surface of the Ocean

A group of researchers, Gautam Tata, Sarah-Jeanne Royer, Olivier Poirion, and Jay Lowe, have written a new paper “DeepPlastic: A Novel Approach to Detecting Epipelagic Bound Plastic Using Deep Visual Models.” The workflow described in the paper includes creating and preprocessing a domain-specific data set, building an object detection model utilizing a deep neural network, and evaluating the model’s performance.

GWI’s New Market Intelligence Tool WaterData Enhances Water Sector Strategy and Planning

Global Water Intelligence (GWI) has announced the launch of a new platform designed to empower water businesses in strategy building, market assessment and competitor analysis processes. WaterData provides a comprehensive map of the municipal and industrial water and wastewater markets, both providing a top-level view of market trends and slicing the sector by region, technology domain, digital solutions and the industrial sectors.