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Addressing AI Trust, Systemic Bias & Transparency as Business Priorities

Our friend Dr Stuart Battersby, CTO of Chatterbox Labs (an Enterprise Al Company), reached out to us to share how his company built a patented AI Model Insights Platform (AIMI) to address the lack of explainability & trust, systemic bias and vulnerabilities within any AI model or system.

Truera Launches Model Intelligence Platform to Solve Machine Learning’s Black Box Problem

Truera, which provides the Model Intelligence platform, emerged from stealth to launch its technology solution that removes the “black box” surrounding Machine Learning (ML) and provides intelligence and actionable insights throughout the ML model lifecycle. The platform is already deployed at and delivering value to a number of early Fortune 100 customers in banking and insurance.

AI Transparency will Lead to New Approaches

In this contributed article, nationally recognized entrepreneur and software developer, Charles Simon contends that transparency – coupled with the necessary algorithms to mimic vision, hearing, learning, planning, and even imagination – will enable AI to evolve into its next phase.

Do You Trust and Understand Your Predictive Models?

To help practitioners make the most of recent and disruptive breakthroughs in debugging, explainability, fairness, and interpretability techniques for machine learning, our friends over at have written and exciting eBook “An Introduction to Machine Learning Intrepretability Second Edition.” This report defines key terms, introduces the human and commercial motivations for the techniques, and discusses predictive modeling and machine learning from an applied perspective, focusing on the common challenges of business adoption, internal model documentation, governance, validation requirements, and external regulatory mandates.

Machine learning for all: the democratizing of a technology

In this short eBook, you’ll discover automated machine learning using has dedicated itself to democratizing all aspects of AI, including machine
learning. H2O Driverless AI is a machine learning solution that automates AI for nontechnical
users. So-called “AutoML” solutions like H2O Driverless AI are rising in popularity for enterprises across a wide range of industries. With it, users can build robust, fast, and accurate machine learning solutions. It also includes visualization and interpretability features that explain the data modeling results in plain English, fostering further adoption and trust in AI.

KPMG Launches Framework to Help Businesses Gain Greater Confidence in their AI Technologies

To help organizations manage and evolve AI responsibly, KPMG has introduced AI In Control, a framework supported by a set of methods, tools, and assessments to help organizations realize value from AI technologies, while achieving imperative objectives like algorithm integrity, explainability, fairness and agility.