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AI Under the Hood: Playform

In this installment of “AI Under the Hood” I introduce recently launched Playform (Artrendex Inc.), a generative AI collaborative tool for artists. The company’s tech publicist reached out to me around when the global pandemic became serious, so it’s taken a while for me to write this review. But I was impressed with all the materials the company provided me for making a technology assessment. As a previous researcher myself, I’m always excited when a company sends me a link to an paper written by a founder. Nice touch!

Front Cover of a Book Entirely Created by Artificial Intelligence

The newly released book “The A.I. Age” represents a historic moment and new
landmark in the story of AI with its February 2020 publication. The front cover of the book has been entirely created by Artificial Intelligence (AI) by selecting the winning cover design and overlaying the text.

Sophisticated AI Will Make The Deepfake Problem Much, Much Worse

In this contributed article, front end developer Gary Stevens suggests that the deep fake video issue is still in its infancy. As AI advances, discerning real from unreal news will become exponentially harder.