GitHub Releases New Research on Copilot Chat

New research from GitHub takes a look at Copilot Chat’s impact on authoring and reviewing code. The company conducted a study where 36 developers used GitHub Copilot and Copilot Chat to author and review code – it’s obviously a small sample size, in part due to how new the tool is, though early results are interesting.

The Economic Impact of the AI-powered Developer Lifecycle and Lessons from GitHub Copilot

GitHub released new research detailing the potential economic impact and productivity benefits of generative AI. The company partnered with Harvard Professor Marco Iansiti, who’s well-known in the field, to dig into the impacts of GitHub’s Copilot tool, and generative AI more broadly. The potential is massive – the study found that AI developer productivity benefits could boost global GDP by over $1.5 trillion by 2030.

PingCAP Empowers Open Source Community with New GitHub Data Explorer Tool

PingCAP, the provider of the advanced distributed SQL databases, announced the introduction of its new GitHub Data Explorer tool. This innovative new tool is built to help developers and open-source contributors achieve deeper insights into their GitHub activity, streamline workflows, and increase productivity.