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Improve Your Business with Modern Analytics Infrastructure

A new report from SAS explores how a modern analytics infrastructure and IT department can help you increase productivity, maintain the highest data quality through a standard data governance model, and make critical decisions faster and with more confidence.

Interview: Bernd Harzog, CEO and Founder of OpsDataStore

I recently caught up with Bernd Harzog, CEO and Founder of OpsDataStore to discuss why data-driven IT operations are a prevailing theme in big data management. Bernd is responsible for the strategy, execution and financing activities of the company. Bernd founded OpsDataStore because every customer that he spoke to still had horrible service quality and capacity utilization problems despite a massive investment in either purchased or home grown tools.

Mitigating IT Risk for Financial Risk Analytics

Financial Risk Analytics has evolved beyond a secondary regulatory and cost-focused perspective, to become a core part of businesses. Today, Risk Analytics provides a competitive edge by enabling businesses to efficiently use capital and manage risk exposures with higher confidence to make better informed and timelier business decisions. Hence CEOs increasingly rely on their CFOs and their Chief Risk Officers (CROs) for strategic advice and active risk management.