In Loco Boosts Sales and Retail Foot Traffic for Brands with Relevant Mobile Offers and Precise Location Intelligence

A new age of ubiquitous computing is emerging. Unlike other alternatives, like hardware-based beacons or GPS technology, In Loco provides greater precision and less cost, hassle and maintenance. In Loco’s technology is 30 times more precise than GPS and is privacy-friendly because it generates 100 percent anonymized data, per Microsoft Research. Its vision is to create a universal, benevolent computing platform that will be all around us without us even realizing it for an evolving world that’s quickly moving into a more connected Internet of Things (IoT) era.

Pulling Back the Curtain of Location Data

In this contributed article, Gladys Kong, CEO of UberMedia discusses how the explosion of mobile data, and specifically mobile location data over the past few years, has brought about an incredible opportunity for businesses.