Cisco and NetApp Deliver Simplified, Affordable Disaster Tolerance Solutions for SAP HANA Deployments

This document describes Cisco® and NetApp solutions that support disaster-tolerance capabilities for SAP HANA deployments. This comprehensive approach encompasses synchronous and asynchronous replication, a point-in-time backup strategy, and protection of data against corruption. Because management of disaster scenarios requires coordination, the Cisco and NetApp solution handles the failover of servers, networking, and storage components to quickly activate a disaster-recovery site.

FlexPod Select with Cloudera’s Distribution including Apache Hadoop (CDH)

Apache Hadoop, a software framework is gaining importance in IT portfolios. The solution offers a comprehensive analytic stack for big data that includes compute, storage, connectivity, enterprise Hadoop distribution with a full range of services to manage heavy workloads. Download this whitepaper to learn more.

NetApp Open Solution for Hadoop

The NetApp Open Solution for Hadoop based on E-Series storage delivers big analytics in a fiscally responsible way:

With preengineered, compatible, and supported solutions based on high-quality storage platforms
By avoiding the cost, schedule, and risk of do-it-yourself systems integration and relieving the skills gap
By avoiding substantial ongoing operational costs

Download this white paper to learn more.

Object Storage for Dummies

Object Storage is a technology whose time has come. Exponential increases in the volumes of data being stored, the growing importance of metadata, the need for global access, and a transition to distributed cloudbased applications have pushed traditional block- and file-based storage beyond the breaking point.

Lab Validation Report – NetApp Distributed Content Repository

NetApp Distributed Content Repository is a comprehensive solution to an organization’s unstructured data storage and archiving challenges and an easy path to handling big content in a private or public cloud. The solution is built upon NetApp StorageGRID software, running on industry standard x86 servers (virtualized for availability and flexibility) and NetApp E2600 series storage platform. Learn more by downloading this white paper.