Vero AI Evaluates 10 Leading Generative AI Models Using Its Comprehensive VIOLET Framework to Gauge Responsible AI 

Vero AI, an analytical engine and scoreboard that helps enterprises fully harness the potential of advanced technology including artificial intelligence while minimizing risk, announced the findings of its inaugural “Generating Responsibility: Assessing AI Using AI” report.

The Missing Puzzle Piece of the Modern-Day Enterprise: Responsible AI

In this contributed article, Kirti Dewan, VP of Marketing of Fiddler AI, discusses how a central problem with AI remains the same: a lack of model transparency. Many of the AI models businesses deploy today are considered to be opaque, which often leads to issues being detected after decisions have been made and people have already been affected

2021 Responsible AI Awards Recognize Standout Global Leaders in Responsible AI

Responsible AI Institute, a non-profit dedicated to promoting responsible and ethical adoption of artificial intelligence, announced the recipients of its 2021 Responsible AI Awards. The Responsible AI Awards program acknowledges global technology innovators, leaders and visionaries who are pioneering and adopting responsible and ethical application of AI that supports Responsible AI Institute’s vision and mission.