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It’s Time to Start Using AI for Supply Chain Risk Management

In this contributed article, Nate DeJong and Colleen Eland of LLamasoft, believes it’s worth taking a fresh look at how AI can boost supply chain resiliency, whether that’s creating a digital twin, building predictive models, or adding simulation tools to prepare for whatever may come your way.

Addressing Liquidity and Solvency Risk

WatersTechnology surveyed insurers to understand the progress they have made
in the past few years in better managing their risk, especially their liquidity and solvency risk. Since the global liquidity crisis of 2008, we have seen calamities (Superstorm Sandy and floods in the US, tsunamis in the southern Pacific, and countless weather events around the globe) and regulation impact how insurers manage their risk. Insurers that were branded “too big to fail” continue to operate as-is despite initial outcries from politicians and pundits for changes. Could a too- big-to-fail firm fail today? Or if too-big-to-fail firms collapsed today, would they bring down entire economies with them?
Addressing Liquidity and Solvency Risk