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Understanding “Human Intent and Behavior” with Computer Vision

In this contributed article, editorial consultant Jelani Harper discusses how computer vision is one of the most eminent forms of statistical Artificial Intelligence in use today. Comprised of varying facets of object detection, facial recognition, image classification, and other techniques, it supports a range of pressing use cases from contact-less shopping to video surveillance.

The Next Level of Robotic Process Automation: Automating Data Science

In this contributed article, editorial consultant Jelani Harper suggests there’s a critical bifurcation of the overall impact of RPA’s automation of data science mainstays like generating models, training them, and selecting the most appropriate one for a particular business task. On the one hand these capabilities enable data scientists to devote greater time to more meaningful tasks, such as determining additional ways to support the business with analytics solutions.

How Automation Makes Life – Not Just Work – More Human

In this contributed article, Prince Kohli, CTO of Automation Anywhere, explores how the digitization of our personal lives, and resulting tsunami of data, is unearthing new possibilities for automating daily life. He highlights the incredible potential for RPA to eliminate the mundane from our personal lives, freeing up time to spend with loved ones, pursue our passions, and make the most out of our daily lives.