Institutional Investors Hold the Key to Startups’ Applied AI Success

In this contributed article, Javier Rojas and Eric Filipek of Savant Growth, discuss the new roll institutional investors need to play in freeing portfolio companies to execute on all of their marketing, sales and business process wish lists.

Manifest Insights: A Single Pane of Glass for your Data

Manifest Insights is an exciting new Startup from Portland. “We are a data consulting and visualization company. We help companies gather together data from all the different sources where it may be and bring it together in a both easy to use and powerful dashboard, where they can slice and dice and view the data.”

Data Elite VC Fund Launches for Big Data Startups

An early-stage venture fund and incubator called Data Elite has launched to fill a need for Big Data startups that have found generic startup incubators and investment funds unsatisfactory.